View Full Version : Release Date?

31st Dec 2004, 04:38
When is this game being released I cant wait to pick it up game loks like it will be fun as ****

Michael Bolton
14th Jan 2005, 04:02
march 1st 2005

im counting the days down

14th Jan 2005, 10:02
This will add to the already heavily weighted and strong second half release line-up which will see Project: Snowblind and Imperial Glory release in Q3 and Just Cause, 25 to Life and Commandos Strike Force, together with the eagerly awaited next in the series of Hitman and Lara Croft Tomb Raider, all currently scheduled for Q4 release.

Source (http://corporate.eidos.co.uk/eidos/media/news/release.jsp?ref=102)