View Full Version : Can't start old hag mission after cradel

28th Dec 2004, 11:25
Hi I have scoured the forums but not found anything like this please help.

Athlon 64 3200+
Asus geforce 6800gt 128mb
1024mb ddr400
120gb sata h/d
msi k8n neo2 nforce 3 ultra
win xp pro service pack 2 + all updates
Fresh install with the latest drivers and directx 9c

My problem is that after I finnish cradel the level ends o.k. and goes to the debriefing screen.

But when I try to load the next level it crashes back to windows.

This is not strange I know I have read lots of threads about thief crashing back to windows.

But on mine the same happened on winxp 64 bit at exactly the same time (the winxp 64 beta version was on the same spec machine as above).

So I tried on my partners machine.

P4 1.8
512 mb ddr 400
80 gb ide h/d
asus vt7 m/b
radeon 9600 256mb
winxp pro service pack 1
All latest drivers.

And it does it on hers also. At exactly the same place.

I have even started the game again from a previous save played through it again saved it just before i jump through the window .

Last year I played it all the way through using the same copy its on dvd. Help I am lost