View Full Version : Dead Friend In Garretts Apartment

28th Dec 2004, 05:05
I finally finished the part where I meet with the Keepers(I believe) who are willing to help me out a bit. The top dog has lied to me and turned against me. I now have those dorks with the curved blade things and the telepathy. I for the life of me cannot get back to the keepers library. I was told I could get there through the graveyard but I cannot get into the graveyard,,, crip I can't get in anywhere it seems. My glypth power has been taken away from that top dog and I've been running around the docks, stonemarket, the old quarter and I can't find the damn library. I found that well lite double gated area and I thought I'd be able to get in there but no luck. Please help if any of my babbling here makes any sense.

Ian Flaer
28th Dec 2004, 05:42
you should do a search of the forums this question has been answered a lot. but. . .the library is in Stone Market Plaza over by the Terces and west of the clock tower instead of using the glyph to get in like you used to just climb the wall where the glyph is and go in the window above it. good luck

Garrett's lover
3rd Jan 2005, 13:41
You can really get there by climbing? When I was trying to get into the library I didn't yet have the climbing gloves. Instead of climbing some walls, I found a secret keepers door (you know, with that shining symbol above it..) on a wall. It lead me straight into the library.

IGNORE that! I thought you were talkin' about an other mission.. The window, which needs to be climbed into, is the only way back into Keepers' building, if you don't have the flashing sign left on the wall.