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27th Dec 2004, 14:37
Well, it's been a long long time since I last played, I had thought that this would be fixed in a patch by now or something. I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, A search of the forums has turned up nothing similar. I've been a taffer since the arrival of T2, and loved it ever since. When I heard about T3, i was so excited. After just a couple hours of playing I've decided that it has one of the worst AI's I've ever seen in a commercial game. The city zone guards seem to have the exact same AI as the mission guards, whats up with this? If you're sneaking around a guard and make a noise while in the city, he is immediately alerted to your presence. Other NPC's run around yelling and screaming, but the guards don't go after them. I realise thay are aware of Garret as a thief and will take him out if seen, but how do they know that every sound is caused by him, and not something else?
Also, I had an experience where 2 NPC's started fighting with one another, and as soon as one was dead, the victor said something like "OH no! a dead body!" and went into alert and started searching for me. Another time when 2 NPC's were fighting, the victor kept going after other NPC's in the area, and soon, for some reason or another, EVERY NPC in the area was after me. All I did was watch the whole thing from some bushes, really really annoying. Has anyone already posted this somewhere? Has it been fixed yet? I'd kind of like to finish my game...

Tin Star
27th Dec 2004, 14:50
Yes this has been talked about long ago and I don't think you will ever see a patch that will fix this or any of the many other things that need to be fixed in the game now that the team that made the game has been let go and besides its been long enough for them to have made another patch if they were going to do so.It looks like we will be stuck with what we have and will not see anything done to correct any of the game problems that were left in the game after the first patch.

Tin Star