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23rd Dec 2004, 22:48
yo man this game is racist, its a bunch o cops killn *****s. wtf is up wit thaat man...

No way im buyin this stuff man.

in tha tralior all i did was see white cops killn black brothas. i didn't see ne black cops or white gangstas. same with asians and hispanics peeps man.
ths is a racist game.

23rd Dec 2004, 23:00
see look at this crap man. this is some KKK game or sumthin.

Im tellin all the brothas not to buy dis game.

24th Dec 2004, 00:53
if you actually look @ the main site for this game you will see there is a black cop, you dumb ****

24th Dec 2004, 01:33
J-Dub is a white gangster. Next time before you post something be sure that what you say is correct. Oh, by the way, you can play as the gangsters and kill the cops. Should I make difficulties because my race can be shot in their virtual arse? No, I don't.

24th Dec 2004, 22:17
This sucks. People ARE going to use this to express there racists feeling. Whenever a white guy kills a black guy or the other way around a lot of people will probally go: Yeah ***** beat yo *** down *****! And I hate these kind of people, they make me sick and make me not wanna play this game. I've also had this with Halo 2. The developers thought it would be fun if both teams could hear each other but frankly I think it sucks because so many people (unfortunatly) are racists..I mean damn! :mad: PLEASE Eidos don't copy this because in a game were there are white and black people playing against each other there will always be racism. So if friend and foe can't hear each other, you'll decrease the ability to discriminate each other. Which will result in a more peacefull online experience.

And now to reply to the first comment. DO go and buy this game. Don't let these kind of people get there way. Just mute those guys and only talk to the guys that are normal. Hopefully, one day XBL and 25 to Life can create a racism-free online service.

Black and White are equal.

BTW: I'm white but that shoudn't make any difference now...

24th Dec 2004, 23:43
Originally posted by berrry
Black and White are equal.

Humans and apes are 99% equal (if you compare the genes.)

If the developers intended to have rasicm in the game I'm sure they would never find a publisher for it. In almost any game there is a form of rasicm or discrimination expressed by the player. Sick minded people do that because they are simply a rasist, others do that out of frustration because they can't complete a goal (or when they finally do) or getting shot by the same player over and over again. I think there is nothing wrong with the second group of people, it's better to scream at a monitor than grabbing a gun and start shooting people on the streats, painting swastikas on walls or whatever.

This is a game, no rasicm intended here!!

24th Dec 2004, 23:48
Ice, chill homie, a white guy gets wasted by a black cop in the trailer, but you'd have to watch it to know. This game isn't racist, just because the main Gangster that goes along with the storyline is black doesn't mean anything. And like that guy said, there is black cops and white gangters, so don't flip out cuz you see a black gangster. Overall, this game is gonna be phat homie, so dun worry about it, if it makes you feel better, just kill all the white people. just messin around ese.

27th Dec 2004, 23:21
no way man all i seen was black duds gettn cappd by white guys. this game is racsit , and i told all my bruthas at school and churdch not buy dis damnd game.

27th Dec 2004, 23:26
Originally posted by Icedawg101
no way man all i seen was black duds gettn cappd by white guys. this game is racsit , and i told all my bruthas at school and churdch not buy dis damnd game.

there is no help for you...

[F5] Hitman
29th Dec 2004, 19:21
Originally posted by Icedawg101
yo man this game is racist, its a bunch o cops killn *****s. wtf is up wit thaat man...
Hopefully, you're joking. But if not...

This is probably one of the same idiots that cried about the Grand Theft Auto series until they put a black dude in it -- So Rockstar makes the "best game ever" about the 'hood.

And now that someone wants to show equal sides -- instead of just a buncha nigs doing drivebys -- here comes Rodney King from the grave.

Oh, and -- every time I see a white dude try to be a gangsta, he gets laughed at. So why do you suddenly want to see white gang members in a game?

Gangsters and cops are ALL bad guys, fella. This game will be awesome.

Grey Mouser
30th Dec 2004, 00:39
All I can say is...


It's a game, folks. Period.

Also, watch the language, and re-read the Terms Of Use (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=47104). Don't make me come after you...I have plenty to do already, but if you don't obey, I WILL COME AFTER YOU! No joke.