View Full Version : My PRAISE to the TDS design team!

TIM Darg
23rd Dec 2004, 21:13
I'm no easy critic but there are a heck of a lot of things these people did RIGHT!!!! And these major features far outweigh the bad things. The more I play, the more I see the genius. It wasn't easy at all making a balanced game to meet such high expectations. I think they did it, and we the fans have been blessed. *THANK YOU*

*Overall, ALL the missions were FANTASTIC! I can't think of one I didn't like. Most noteable for me: The prison, the fort, the catacombs, the cradle, the church, the factory, BRAVO!!!
*The atmosphere is PERFECT! Thick, moody, and palpable as ever. The graphics really help.. Don't lose it!
*The graphics are top notch! The colors, the textures, the haze, almost everything surpassed my expectations. I did install those JohnP Hirez textures though.. very noticeable detail!
*The sound is as good as ever! Of course!

My suggestions:
*Make the next set of missions more difficult; more secrets, more hidden stuff, more hard to reach places, less friendly.
*Make the missions larger, deeper and spookier.
*Bring back swimming.
*Bring back the rest of Garrett's tools and potions.
*If possible, make a huge revamped Bonehoard.

TIM darg
aka "elfranche"

PS. Will the TDS team recieve this feedback?