View Full Version : How about some PC co-op!?!?

23rd Dec 2004, 15:19
"...some modes exclusive for the PS2 and XB platforms."

So... I guess this means that once again, consoles will get co-op and us PC players won't.

Am I wrong?

26th Dec 2004, 16:34
Coop will be very good. I dont know why developers do not want to integrate coop mode in games. Its fun and increase the tension of the game considerably.

Kaen Ookami
17th Jan 2005, 00:15
Hi guys, I'm new here, this would be me first post.

PC co-op... How would you do that with one mouse? Or is it a 2 monitor kinda thing. WASD* already takes up pretty much the whole keyboard.

You know what would be pretty cool? Online co-op! People could be grouped in different skill levels, and then you can go co-op campaign from all over the world! Anyway, thats just a crazy little world that I live in...

*W=up A=left strafe S=back D=right strafe and then the mouse.

17th Jan 2005, 08:31
welcome to forum Kaen Ookami,

If somebody mentioned a PC coop, he is never intended a split screen or that kind of thing as in the consoles.
So playing on the same keybord was a thing in the past (age of amigas or commoder 64), maybe some fighting games support it, but Coop means online (Internet or LAN) multi player in the same enviroment (as in the single player) against the computer.