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23rd Dec 2004, 00:10
Great article from www.grumpygamer.com discussing the mis-conception that the video-game biz is fast catching up to the movie biz.

For most people, this is the season of colorfully lit houses lining the streets, a chance to catch up with family, and eggnog roasting on a open fire. It is the season for giving to others and telling your friends that you care. It is the season to reach out to the less fortunate and bring a little joy to everyone's life.

For me, this is the season to become horribly annoyed over the yearly assertion by the popular press that the Game Industry is larger than Hollywood. This preposterous notion was first set forth in 1914 when the thriving Pachinko Machine Industry proudly proclaimed that it was bigger then Hollywood. It was also the last year that it was really true.

Every season we can count on several of these misplaced stories and I thought it would be a good idea to finally debunk them, ending this Yuletide tradition once and for all.

FULL ARTICLE ON GRUMPY GAMER (http://grumpygamer.com/5378171)

Christmas greetings.