View Full Version : Where are the Ottomans?

22nd Dec 2004, 20:29
What is the reason for Pyros that they havent added the Ottomans in the game?
I would say that the Ottomans were an important factor (although in decline) in Europe, Mediterrean See and Middle East till WOI.

This was my first visit, I didnt see the other discussions about this subject. I hope if there gonna be an expansion pack they add the Ottomans

22nd Dec 2004, 22:21
i think this was discussed in a thread a while ago but since your new you wouldnt know. I think part of the reasoning was that the ottoman empire was in decline by the napoleanic era. Or something along those lines, i cant really remember. Sorry that was a pretty incomplete answer but thats all i can recall from that thread. I suppose if you wanted to you could look at the older threads but that would be a pain. Though there is still a pretty good chance someone else can give a better answer.


22nd Dec 2004, 23:22
Historians point out how ottomans were in decline since 1648 defeat at wien.

Sure, atleast asfar as the janissars and their priviliged group of elite soldiers and kingmakers are concerened. The rest of the army wasnt all that capable of compensating.

Now this is the empire that covers the whole of balkan, greece, turkey, romania, bulgaria, middleeast (without persia) and egypt & libya. Huge! And thickly populated too.
Not to forget ruled by the ruler of all muslims (something that pissed of the more numerous and richer mughals of india :D )

In 1789 they were more of a prize waiting to be taken, and so far really takable only by russia, which noone else wanted.

Here confirming the role as the third rome (by freeing the second rome and other areas lost to mahomet in 600s), and ruler of al slavs (balkan).
That just may have aided creating the elusive national state.. somethng everyone else was doing.
Evangelical ultranationalism, Oh-oh :D