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22nd Dec 2004, 17:05
wen does this game come out??????

plz help sry am new here

22nd Dec 2004, 18:22
coming out spring 2005 i belive around march

22nd Dec 2004, 19:32
Your right KidViscious, there is no set release date as of now. Too early in development still. :D

27th Dec 2004, 22:14
I read on gamespot that it was March 2005.

27th Dec 2004, 22:19
I found where I read it at

"The Web just got some more street cred. Eidos today announced the launch of the 25 to Life Web site. The title is an updated version of cops and robbers, letting gamers choose to enforce the law or break it. 25 to Life hits the streets on March 1, 2005, for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox."


27th Dec 2004, 23:16
As previously announced, the PC release of Championship Manager 5 was deferred from October 2004 in order to allow for further development and refinement of the game. It will now release, closely followed by the platform and online versions, in the second half of FY05 on a date to be announced in due course.
This will add to the already heavily weighted and strong second half release line-up which will see Project: Snowblind and Imperial Glory release in Q3 and Just Cause, 25 to Life and Commandos Strike Force, together with the eagerly awaited next in the series of Hitman and Lara Croft Tomb Raider, all currently scheduled for Q4 release.

Source: Eidos AGM Statement and Voting Results (http://corporate.eidos.co.uk/eidos/media/news/release.jsp?ref=102)

27th Dec 2004, 23:48
Ya I guess I would go with the information Eidos puts out over gamestop. That stinks it's going to be the second half of '05. However, it'll be worth waiting for as long as the game is complete and not full of bugs when it launches.

At least I'll have GR2, Halo 2, Socom 2, and Mercenaries to keep me busy until then.