View Full Version : GAME COULD BE alot!!!! BETTER

22nd Dec 2004, 04:38
Will the game was not as good as it should have been the crate a player sucked and i was looking forward to alot better one then the levels are way!!!!!!!! too small come on the 1st game had bigger levels the career mode was good but then you have the exhibition mode that i would say was a was ex for the 2 player but i say if they make another one fit it do kinda like mortal kombat were you can do stuff in both modes then fix the custom players and try to make a tag time match cus that would be the **** o and try to get the online playing going cus it should have been there but no they have yet to finish one of the BYW games yet and if theres going to be a three get it done!!!!!!!!!!!! get done what you say your going to get done will there are my thoughts put yours if you want ok:D MCL and get off your ***** and get your **** done