View Full Version : help im stuck trying to fin keeper library

22nd Dec 2004, 01:06
i cant seem to find the keeper library. im in old quarter now, i just finished the level where you jump out of the window from the tower in the cradle. i have to inform the keepers about gamall, but i cant seem to find the library,..

22nd Dec 2004, 01:19
Did you first of all

follow Lauryl to the Catacombs. In Fort Ironwood
Then Go from there
Make your way from the catacombs to Stonemarket Plaza and to the Library.It is the Keepers Library where you have been before

22nd Dec 2004, 01:21
It's in the same place it was the last 5 times you asked this same question.

Read your old posts, or do a SEARCH, or remember what you were told before.

Gillie you are a little more patient with slow learners than I am. :)

23rd Dec 2004, 13:05
before you go to that place, you got to meet the cloaked man at the gargolye statue. and then he will provide more details.

statue: you got to check your map. then after meeting him, do not attack him but follow him.