View Full Version : PC or XBOX version?

21st Dec 2004, 08:25
I bought Thief 3 and a new pixel shader graphics card on the PC for full price as soon as it came out. It was okay but it never ran that smoothly on my machine. I got a second hand copy of it on the XBOX yesterday and spent my afternoon playing it. I don't know about you guys but it seems that the console version runs a lot more smoothly than the PC version but has more little niggling bugs in it. Anyone else played both versions?

Whatz His Name
21st Dec 2004, 17:22
Hmmm... I know you probably didn't mean any harm with this topic but don't be surprised if it gets locked by the mods. Too many people like to argue about the PC vs. Consoles issue. Tempers end up flaring and rude comments and name calling begin.

Hopefully, it won't happen but don't be surprised if it does.

21st Dec 2004, 18:24
The PC version is better IF you have the computer to run it flawlessly. So, it depends on your computer. The computer constantly changes while the Xbox never does. If you keep the computer up-to-date though, it's much more profitable to play it on PC. PC is just...better for those types of games.

Ian Flaer
21st Dec 2004, 21:03
well, i haven't played both versions but i'm wondering what video card you got because I have a radeon saphire 9600 256MB and runs the game super smooth even though i've heard of other people with the same card having trouble. I guess my point is that the card isn't the only thing that can mess up thief on a PC. I hope that the PC vs console debate doesn't open up here because it comes down to this: each has its Pro's and Cons, if you get to play the game and enjoy it, you win. it's silly to argue over which is better, when it really only matters which is better for you.