View Full Version : Did you preorder this game?

21st Dec 2004, 03:25
yes or no

22nd Dec 2004, 11:58
think of it this way. if you buy it, they will make money; there for a cool PATCH COMES OUT!!!! AND ITS BETTER!!! AHHHHHHHHH

23rd Dec 2004, 04:29
What are you talking about if they make alot of money they dont care if you dont like the product because they got their money so there i sno need to patch it. Secondly if a game is good there will be no need to patch unless its too supply payers with even more cool features. Not to fix bugs, or glitches
So to answer your questino NO i didnt preorder it. There isnt enough of news or info out about it and more importantly it doest come out for like hafl a year.

23rd Dec 2004, 11:59
ok calm down lol ;)

Im talking about more features.

And your right companies do want to make money but if their customers aren't happy they wont get a dang penny.

26th Dec 2004, 19:17
^^ Not true. You don tknow how many foolish are out there and buy crappy games. IE Madden 2004

[F5] Hitman
29th Dec 2004, 19:32
Madden 2004 is literally the best ever in the series. You're crazy.

Michael Bolton
14th Jan 2005, 04:00
i didnt preorder ill just pick it up at gamestop the day it comes out. it wont be sold out.

17th Jan 2005, 03:04
if i start hearing a lot more people talking about it i will definitely pre-order it. i want to get this thing the day it comes out.