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20th Dec 2004, 01:46
Ok Eidos,
I hope you guys know what you are doing ? Keep in mind that the market you are trying to compete in with your game 25 to Life doesnt have a lot of competition from competitors. Matter of fact, your only contender is Socom US Navy Seals. Which has many people flabbergasted why I dont know. Anyway, I can only hope your 3rd person shooter brings alot of new elements to the table, as well as improving alot of the ones Socom has. With that in mind I took it upon myself to start posting eariler with thoughts and things you should try to incorporate into your game. So lets begin:

#1: Make sure the framerates always are at a constant 60 frames a second. Alot of people, who play Socom complain about the lag thinking its a server issue when techincally its a software one. Make sure the game if fully opitiimaized so it doesnt suffer like Socom 2 does with laggy, choppy, and unbearable display while playing. For example, during your trailer I saw this problem when one of the gangsta shot the glass out of the window. Nice effect but the second he did it the screen slowed down. IGN also states you guys really need to work on the framerate issue. This doesnt mean your servers for the game shouldnt be top-notch because they should.

#2: Balanced equiment and weapons for both sides of the playing field. Unforunately this is another area where socom failed to deliever to its players. Make sure everything is well rounded for both teams. This idea goes for map and level designs as well. Maybe incorporating a system liek the game Americas Army would help in the weapons department. You dont want everyone running around with the same powerhouse weapons for every map they play. Plus I think this would be good because if this is a cops vs robs kind of think cops are issues certain weapons depending of the situation and environment they are trying to tackle on the field.

#3: Graphics dont make a game but people think they do. With that being said. You should make your best efforts to make sure the game is fully polished and looking good. Even though, most peopel believe the PS2 has reached its maximum power try to out your contender and you know who Im talking about. You want sell your game if it doesnt look good.

#4:Upon the release dont come to the table with a full deck of cards. In other words, make sure when the game comes out you have enough maps, weapons, and any other extras you can think of to keep players invovled. I havent heard too much about your single player experience for the game or even if it has one (correction I checked teh site and I know it has one now), but you should try to start there. It would be nice to have game that players could play offline as well as online and have the same amount of fun.

#5: Player movement animations need some work. Im not really sure what appoarch you guys are trying to go with in this department. If you want more of a run and gun type of game then you should go with Socom mechanics. If this going with a more tactical appoarch to a 3rd person should then you should definitely slow player movements down(Doing this but retain a fun factor). And judging from the video regardless of which appoarch you take should try to make the players seem more flluid and life like.

I guess this concludes my first examination of the game. I am looking for to playing it one it hits the shelves (IF ITS GOOD). Because I am not like most poeple who would buy a crappy product and say its good. My hard earned 50 bucks is worth more then that. More importantly I dont settle for less. Eidos I wish you the best of look and making this title and hope you mash the competition out of the park. Best of luck.

PS: I will be back to post more about what I think once I hear some more info about the game. Also, I am aware that this product is still in delevopment. So alot of things are being improved on as we speak, but theses are somethings you should definitely considered if you want to succeed with this game.

[F5] Hitman
29th Dec 2004, 19:30

Eidos has been making video games since 1996. I'm pretty sure they take all of this in to consideration.

But thank you for thinking you're smarter.

31st Dec 2004, 22:30
i agree with nishua

3rd Jan 2005, 16:54
Its not a matter of me considering myself more intelligent then them, but as consumer I hate when I see developers make crappy products passing them off reward winners. All i was offereing was some helpful advice if followed their title will succeed. Saving my time and investment into their product, I dont buy crappy games and I refuse to say a game is good when it is not. I know that nothing is perfect, but there is nothing wrong with trying to reach perfection anyway.

Sonic Enforcer
11th Jan 2005, 19:44
Yea EIDOS is a publisher.

I belive SEGA owns the most developers for its games so that could of been worthy remark if it was a SEGA forum...it isint one.