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19th Dec 2004, 01:15
How do you tell the developers some new ideas that would be good for the game?

20th Dec 2004, 03:37
send a email to eidos... but the game is pratically made already.

20th Dec 2004, 03:52
you mean the forum admin? I couldn't email him but I emailed the forum admin and I pmed the admin. Not sure if they are the same people. I said this.

Hello I don't know if I have the right person but I wanted to suggest somethings with the online play on xbox for 25 to life. Would it be possible to make it so the cops/gangsters could have its own player taunts like socom. Socom had it's own list where a player could make up his or her own text for the taunts or the team chat. They also had already programmed messages for it too. I was wondering if say the police could have programmed messages that could say like stop, put your hands up. Stuff like that. If this were to happen could it be possible that if cops managed to take down a gangster without killing him that he gets more points. A gangster could have a surrender option if he/her thinks they are going to die. That way they don't loose as much points for die-ing.

Thank you.

Sincerely, ...........