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17th Dec 2004, 18:09
Blockbuster games generally use new elements. Snowblind, so far, has an object-moving gun, augmentations, vehicles, and standard FPS features that we've all seen before.

The developers need to add something new and interesting. I would suggest a deathmatch scoring model not solely based on kills, but kills:deaths ratio, or objectives completed, or other methods. The scoring model would drastically improve the tactical gameplay, rather than offering the standard bloodbath which people will already have in other FPS games on the market. Yes augmentations are a huge bonus, but how many times have you seen a player look really impressive, scoring 50+ frags in a Deus Ex deathmatch, yet also have 50 deaths? The player is essentially +0 as far as contributions to his own team. Another player who scores 20 kills and dies zero times, is +20, a far better overall performance. Obviously a player with only 1 kill and zero deaths hasn't helped much (although technically better than the 50-kill/death player with a net score of +0), so a formula of quality-of-play would be needed.

Why do I think this is good, aside from tactical gameplay?
Why do I think developers might be interested in this?
Because adrenaline keeps players playing. The rush. When players can dive head-long into a fight and just say "Oh, I don't care if I die, I'll just respawn," they don't get the sheer sense of paranoia and sense of being on-edge at all times like they would if their deaths had more meaning. Going balls-to-the-wall would really be a risk, and way more exciting than a "I kill you, you kill me" tradeoff.

My $0.02.

22nd Dec 2004, 04:09
if u want that kind of stuff go play a great game called socom 2.... these games are for balls out fast pased shooting and thats how i want it

22nd Dec 2004, 16:03
Go play doom 3 if you want a brainless game, then.:rolleyes: