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16th Dec 2004, 09:20
I've been reading through the forums and have seen a few threads on the Sunken Citadel. Folks primarily seem to have trouble finding it. I found it easy enough and even smoked my way through the mission grabbing a good 90 percent of the loot or so. I was all stoked....ran back to the entery point and it turns out to be the door back to the Citidel core. Is this a bug? Otherwise I'm the biggest idiot I've ever known and must be running in circles.

16th Dec 2004, 09:32
Quick, Delete this thread before anyone sees it ..:D :rolleyes: I am the biggest dolt I know. After I ran in circles for an hour n a half and decided to look up the Thief Forums and made this i'll concieved thread, I had the notion I should just start from the beginning real quick and see what the heck I was missing. ROFL I must of ran by the enterance passage 15 times and just kept on going. So I was indeed running in circles. eie yie yie...well onto the next mission and another sleepless night.

17th Dec 2004, 21:05
Welcome to internet-forum-land, where all your embarassing stupidities are preserved for all time.

*points and laughs at Kikero* :D

Ian Flaer
19th Dec 2004, 03:01
Aaa, don't feel too bad, I'm constantly lost in these games. right now I've got 90% of the staff in the Auldale library dead or KOed and it took me a while to find the my way back to the exit point. I liked the larger levels of T1 & T2 but I was so lost in them all the time that a large part of the chalenge for me was getting unlost. you'll get lost again before you're done with the game.

19th Dec 2004, 14:45
I was running around in Auldale for almost 2 hours trying to find an open or frobbable window to meet some guy that was an objective. I was climbing walls, finding spots you could pass into the unfinished part of the design (i.e., into the skybox), trying lots of times to get past the invisible barrier in the tunnel to the museum, and generally going nuts. I had to read the forums to find out that I was supposed to approach an obviously painted-only window in an alcove near the entrance to the park. I was thinking that I would actually have to find a window and locate the guy rather than just triggering an ingame movie to play. Ah, the power of suggestion where the objective says one thing but you do something completely different.

Ian Flaer
20th Dec 2004, 20:57
Ya know Van, I had the exact same problem. only I found the right window by mistake. I ducked into that little area looking for a place to hide from a patroling guard and wham! i'm in. same as you I was looking for something frobable. I'm pretty disapointed that there wasn't a frobable window to climb into, but oh well. I've finished the game now and I think the Museum (not library) in auldale was the one that had me the most lost. I got pretty lost in the first mission, the first pagan mision (the old hammer factory parts), just a little bit in the Kurshok place, and Gamall's lair. the rest of the time I did pretty good.

EDIT> Oh yeah, I got good and lost in the catacombs under fort ironwood.

21st Dec 2004, 05:21
LOL- Ya, I figured I wouldn't be alone in this :D Only other place I had real difficulty finding my way out of was Gamall's Lair. It looked like there was raised stone around the grate from the canal into the Pagan/ Park in Auldale so I didn't even try climbing the wall there to get out until I was desperate. I've finished the game now and am trying it again with the patch and on a harder setting.

Despite it's short commings It's easy to see why TDS earned game of the year. Simply awesome and absorbing. And the Cradle was simply the scariest damn level in any game I've ever played. Was truely the "reluctant hero" there. I did "NOT" want to be there and breathed a long sigh of relief once I got out.

Thanks for the welcome.....Kikero