View Full Version : Box Art That I Made For The Game

Ryan Calvano
15th Dec 2004, 03:35

15th Dec 2004, 04:14
I would be tight if i could see it, but the link leades to a "Page cannot be found" page. Damn homie, thats to bad

16th Dec 2004, 05:58
Hey Ryan,

Nice box art. Looks good!!:D (keep up the good work)

You live in Atwater Ca? That's near Merced right? If so I use to live out there too.

19th Dec 2004, 02:00
Ryan Calvano: Yea, thats where I live, doesn't take long to get to Merced and cool. Never met someone online that lives near me.

Hey Ryan,
Yeah I grew up in Atwater, I sure do miss it alot too. I live in Southern Cali now. It is nice to know that someone lives in my home town. Every time I tell someone I grew up in Atwater, they like what's that, Where's that??? We'll atleast we know where it is..lol:D