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Lara Croft Online
13th Dec 2004, 20:42
It was the year Diana divorced Charles, scientists suggested that a microscopic blob might prove life on Mars and an English footballer blamed his poor performance on a fake-posh lass with a fixed, gormless expression and an impossibly contorted body*. So here we go, like one of those 'I remember watching TV in 1996' programs only not hosted by a celebrity so low down the list that they could commit mass infanticide in an orphanage for beautiful children and still not get a mention in Heat magazine, but by someone actually informed. It's time to make you understand that Tomb Raider, the game that The Prodigy blamed on the delay of an album and the first to make the front page of The Face, is the Best PlayStation Game Ever.

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Tom@LCO (http://www.laracroftonline.com)

14th Dec 2004, 06:27
Was there EVER any doubt?

There are a few games in my gaming life that I remember with such fondness. Starfox on the SNES was one. FF was another(forgot which number). Prince of Persia on SNES. Resident Evil.

For the MOST part I remember tidbits of them. Those tidbits were great...that's why they are so memorable. Who can forget the devil dogs jumping thru the window the first time you went down the hallway of the mansion in Raccoon City? Or, remember when you found out Samus, from Metroid was a girl. UNFORGETTABLE! (I think thats the right name...LOL

But Tomb Raider...... She's in a class all by herself. I look online at screen shots and remember most of the places (especially #1, my fave). I remember the AWE of exploring. The story started off literally with a BANG, and kept going till the end. It didn't need to be complicated or deep. Afterall the whole reason for the game was FREEWHEELING exploration. Climb....jump...hang and shimmy. And all these great places to explore. I still remember the feeling of utter lonliness in Francis Folly level....or the Midas level, discovering mysteries set in place eons ago.

My favorite TR memory was guiding a friend through the LOST VALLEY. We were on the phone and I was familiar with it, He was lost exactly where I remember getting frustrated too. I/he couldn't find the platform to continue to the valley where you find the wheel cogs. I finished the game long b4 this so I knew what to expect. My friend didn't. Needless to say the raptors startled him. The REX scared him shirtless.

I still think Ms. Natla was her best foil. Two strong women set against each other for their own purposes. And the way Ms. Natla invited Lara to COME PLAY was like her inviting us.

I don't play TR as much as I used to. But, I KNOW I'll be going back to her. Many games have come and gone....(nevermind gone, I can't even remember them)...but Lara is the best.


14th Dec 2004, 15:43
Excellent article, but I kind of wonder - do you think "Jake de Plume" is actually that guy's name?:D