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Mac the Knave
12th Dec 2004, 03:19
I was very critical of Thief III early on, but now that I have finally had the chance to finish the game, I need to admit I was wrong. Deadly Shadows has the best plot of all the Thief series. Because the engine was different and some of the tricks were different (no rope arrows, swimming, etc.), I had a difficult time getting use to it. But I loved the first two games so much that I had to follow through. I am so glad I did. The storyline is by far the best of all the three games. Randy and Warren might have gotten the boot, but they didn't deserve it. Forgive me for being so harsh and critical.

Yes, the game has some technical flaws, but all-in-all, it is simply a masterpiece of storytelling. There is only one Garrett, so I hope they don't monkey with a new concept, like I have heard through the grapevine. Gaming just doesn't get any better than Deadly Shadows. Next time, I will hold my tongue until I have made my way through an entire game.

I hope the folks at Ion Storm will continue the series. I know I will buy it. Good work folks. You deserve an Oscar!

14th Dec 2004, 22:23
I am doing my games back- to- front:rolleyes:
I had Thief Deadly Shadows first. I have only just stared playing the Metal Age .I am actually finding it,so very different.As for TDS I loved it. The story lines and missions are so atmospheric>>>>>>>>Played it three times. Loving the Pagans.I will replay it over.again
As for TMA I know it is a different kind of game play. Will have to see,I have not got far yet.The game play looks good.
I must try to get the first one also,If I can.:)
I hope there will be more.

15th Dec 2004, 01:17
You've never played the first two? Wait until you get to the <i>Life of the Party</i> level. It's got probably the funniest moment in the series near the start. You'll also get to see what the Thieves Highway really is like. :)

15th Dec 2004, 01:42
I have read,how good they are and been told:)
I will look forward to getting to The thiefs Highwayand life of the party in TMA I will get the first one as well though.
I have read posts on how funny it is. I did not know of them before TDS :o How terrible
I can not keep playing Thief DS, (don't know though)!!!!
Still a favourite game of all I have played.To many shoot em up games for me.
More Thief :cool:

Mac the Knave
22nd Dec 2004, 02:29
For those who are going from the inside out, starting with Deadly Shadows and working into the first two games, I would suggest you go first to the original Thief. Thief Gold would be best. It has a feel that is more in line with Deadly Shadows. Once completed, you will see how the storyline comes fill circle in DS. Thief II, the Metal Age, is the weakest link in the series, but still great fun.

And don't go thinking there isn't any more thieving worlds to conquer! Not true. In fact, you could stay busy with the fan missions, and even the soon-to-be released TSX: Shadows of the Metal Age. Start with visiting www.ttlg.com and click into the fan missions. Some of these fan missions are every bit as challenging as the real thing! Thieves take themselves very seriously! Drop a line to fan mission moderator Nightwalker. Tell Nightwalker that Mac the Knave sent you and you are a novice looking to mind expansion. She will show you the way. Now there is a saint among Thieves! You can get fan missions at a few sights, but I would start with www.thief-thecircle.com. Check your fan missons by hammer points! Also, if you don't know where to find Thief Gold or Metal Age, they could be of some help. They are also working to complete TSX, a much-anticipated spin-off of the Metal Age.

In short, my friends, you have just scratched the surface of this world in which we live. You will love it and come to find great friends and helpful experts to aid you in your thievery!

Good thieving!

22nd Dec 2004, 07:48
Mac, I certainly understand your feelings about the Metal Age. I was so frustrated in trying to play this game the first time that I actually gave it away. This was when I got to Soulforge and they changed Garrett from a Thief into an assembler. There was nothing to steal in this final level. But there were plenty of stupid things to do, like get chemicals and other parts, put them into different machines to make things like flares or mines. Boy was I steamed!! I gave up on it but later I bought another copy of The Metal Age from Ebay and finished the game. Then I grew to love it. I conquered it and it is now my favorite game. Sorry to disagree, but it is better than Deadly Shadows, even though I will agree that DS has a better story line. It is the gameplay where The Metal Age shines (no portals here), and DS doesn't even come close. I have played The Metal Age through 20 times or so(no joke), but may or may not play Deadly Shadows twice. I'm not sure there is any replay value here. Too bad.

22nd Dec 2004, 11:14
I have playedThief Deadly Shadows through three,times now.I will play it some more.I love all the aspects of the game play. I have said it before there have been far too many "Shoot em up" games for me. Or set in space. The story line is so different and it is an actual story. The atmospherics,and set in Medieval times too.The dialogue is brilliant.When it is played over you get plenty of dialogue you might have missed.Or missed loot.
The A1s,are good.I still love The Pagan dialogue most of all well that is my opinion.
I brought TDS first anyway.That won't stop me playing the other two as well.
As forThief The Metal age .I have not got far into it.I did not really want to know about the ending:) .The game actually looks good to me.It will quite a while until I do the Missions by the time I get through it. I am getting Thief Gold if I can.Thief The Metal age what I have played of it so far., Is different I know.It will be Interesting,to do.
I did know about some of the mission sites. Thanks to TBMI have been on the Missions forum,and the crippled Burrick Inn
So many missions which are there to do. which will last a while.
I still hope the Thief series has not ended

Hello sneaksie thief:p

22nd Dec 2004, 14:48
Originally posted by Mac the Knave
Thief II, the Metal Age, is the weakest link in the series, but still great fun.

I actually feel that The Metal Age was the high point of the series. Less focus on the supernatural like in TDP, bigger, better designed levels, improved graphics, more items, slightly better AI etc. It may have the weakest story of all 3 games, but it isn't a slouch in that department either. It's storyline certainly kept me entertained.

Ian Flaer
22nd Dec 2004, 20:17
I have liked all three of the series but i have had the most fun with Metal age even though it is the weakest in story and the only one I haven't finished. It isn't my favorite because of the packaged missions but because of the fan missions and the level editor Dromed. I've never made a large mission or published the small ones I have made, they just weren't polished enough. the point is, for me it has been the community that has made Thief the most enjoyable game I've ever played and the community has been most deeply involved with T2 Metal Age. I think that IF we get the level editor for T3 Deadly shadows then it would likely replace T2 as the best. I mean look at what we have to work with! I can only imagine the thing they could do with T3.

22nd Dec 2004, 22:03
Everyone has their own sets of likes and dislikes. Personally, I like the supernatural stuff, so I preferred the first to the second.

Ian Flaer
23rd Dec 2004, 15:05
If we speak only of packaged content then I would say the first was easily better than the second and the third. once I installed the Minimalist project I was able to really enjoy T3. all those clamps and gears and clankity sounds drove me nuts. T3 with the minimalist project is a contender even with the first.