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11th Dec 2004, 13:37
Having looked over the whole ear, and realised that the real problem for the briitish blockade (from nappys continental system), was that nations would be denied acceess to their colonies and as such the always popular colonial products.

Lets examine sugar, that had gotten very popular with the people in europe by then. Suddenly no more could be gotten.. so there was almost unrest.
That is, until a German scientist figured out that sugar could be had from beets ;)

So what happens when you sink that brittish blockade, certainly you would get access to the colonial products once more and expirience a pleasant economical recovery?
I guess that could be head if you cooperate with Britain also... or in the very least stay neutral?

Even tho the brittish navy aquired the nasty (monopolistic-) habit of sinking any and all non-brittish ships anywhere near east or west indies. This included neutrals... but that was all later in the conflict. So staying neutral might not be enough. (Either With Us Or Against Us!?!)

12th Dec 2004, 15:02
Muskets rule!!!

12th Dec 2004, 16:39
Actually, no. Muskets fire small lead balls at things. Rulers rule.

13th Dec 2004, 17:28
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
Actually, no. Muskets fire small lead balls at things. Rulers rule.

Right! Think of a Brown Bess as Queen of Great Britain! :) That would be cool!