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9th Dec 2004, 17:20
is very much correct, i also did not like that in rtw u could only battle, i used to be a avid mtw player, but after awhile the bugs are murder, the only thing about the mp that i enjoyed for a while the Napolen mod.

9th Dec 2004, 21:21
The mp battles are already a start on their own, however the game needs to be well developed and it isn't the case in RTW - to my disappointment :mad:
( but MTW is still a bloody good mp game)

It is a different story altogether for a mp campaign. one needs to be a gifted designer to get it right and the philosophy behind the gamplay would have to be completly different than that of a single player.

I hope IG will be a good game in mp - that would be a good start

9th Dec 2004, 21:43
did u play the napolen mod

9th Dec 2004, 21:55
I have heard about it but never played it

But i think that we are off subject about MTW napoleonic mod in this thread
certainly in this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46408)

13th Dec 2004, 21:51
yea it seems to me you are pretty done with that topic :D