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8th Dec 2004, 05:17
---|Three days after the attack on Samiaire, on the north coast of Accenti, the port of Freson|---

It was that strange nearly-eerie time in the morning, it was orange and the day people had yet to wake and the night people had yet to return, the streets were empty of all but rats and stray animals. A fogbank rolled toward the harbour where three dockworkers played a game of cards by some crates.

Dockworker: Say, Jock, look at zat cloud, iz going to be a foggy morning, eh?

The wind played with part of the cloud for a while, there was a shape barely noticeable there, it looked like a mast.

Jock: Oui, I wonder if ze commoner scum might be 'iding be'ind it.

Other Dockworker: Ah, zey is cowards. We blew up zer Samiaire an' we aint 'erd a peep, zey cower on zer isles at ze might of us. When eet iz time, we could beat zem off wi' sticks!

It was then the cloud bank lit up, for a second or more a part of the cloud would light up a soft yellow.

Jock: Zat is no fog bank!

With the strange screaming sound of a heavy object travelling at speed, a dock building behind them almost exploded, a large hole had suddenly appeared in its front, bricks and morter spewed everywhere. More similar explosions happened across the town, the clocktower was completely obbliterated. The town was being bombarded. It was not only Freson, but on every town that did more than fish along the north accenti coast lead balls rained down. For ten minutes long minutes the dockers cowered behind their crates, watching with terror holes appeared in the town, moored ships were peppered with holes. Churchbells went mad, people screamed and soldiers rushed to assisst the guard quell fires and keep some order. It was then they came and the cannons stopped. Hundreds of boats, it seemed from one end of the horizon to the other there naught but boats and smoke, and each boat packed to the brim with red uniforms. A final volley, like angry thunder, all ships firing at once announced the invasion. This admiral had a taste for drama.