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5th Dec 2004, 16:00
Sorry if this Q has been asked and answered elsewhere - but Im in a pickle and tearing my hair out! Having just installed deadly shadows (after waiting with great anticipation after T1 & T2) it refuses to play ball! I keep getting a very strange message -

"unable to authenticate original disc within time limit"

Any suggestions folks?

5th Dec 2004, 18:19
I haven't played Thief, but it has its own separate forum here!!! (http://forums.eidosgames.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&forumid=7) - you may find more help to your problem if you post this topic there! ;)

Hello btw and welcome!!! :D

5th Dec 2004, 18:25
That's the copy protection kicking in. For some reason it can't tell if your disc is the original or not within it's set time limit.

This problem happens with some DVD drives. If you have any emulated drives from Daemon Tools or Alcohol that could be the problem. Thief 3 will not play if there's anything on your computer that could bypass the copy protection.

6th Dec 2004, 17:14
Thanks for the welcome laraM.

Salavage - wondered if it was something like that - so any suggestions what my next steps should be?