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4th Dec 2004, 18:14
This movie stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in which they are a married couple but they are both assasins and neither one knows about the other. Release is scheduled for June 10th, 2005. I thought I would make a generic thread for all the movie news.

The trailer has already been released and here is the brand new teaser poster from DarkHorizons.com.....

Exclusive: "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Poster
Posted: Friday December 3rd, 2004 5:21pm
Source: Dark Horizons
Author: Garth Franklin

In a world exclusive, here's the first ever look at the two teaser poster designs for next Summer's action/dark comedy "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

In the Doug Liman-directed feature, John and Jane Smith are an ordinary suburban couple with a lifeless marriage. But each of them has a secret - they are actually both legendary assassins working for competing organizations. When the truth comes out, John and Jane end up in each other's cross-hairs.

These posters have literally just been sent to print and will soon appear in cinemas, for this weekend though - this is the only place you'll find 'em anywhere:

http://www.darkhorizons.com/news04/p-smitht.jpg (http://www.darkhorizons.com/news04/p-smith.jpg)

Thanks to 'Charlie'.

4th Dec 2004, 18:54
Here is a picture of AJ performing her own stunt for Mr. & Mrs. Smith..


Just as she did in her action-hero role in the Lara Croft movies, Jolie is performing her own stunts for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in which she plays an assassin hired to kill her husband (Pitt). On the Asuza, Calif., set of the movie in May, Jolie scales a 40 ft. mountain set piece.

17th Dec 2004, 03:15
Here's a new piccy...



sorry, try this link http://www.joblo.com/index.php?id=6072

2nd Jan 2005, 21:06
Movie poster has been updated...


5th Jan 2005, 06:22
Worst thing the trailer makers could have done was draw further unnecessary comparisons between this movie and "True Lies" which it already resembles in so many ways.

But no ..... they had to use the waltz music as used in "True Lies" for a similar scene in the trailer.....

Movie looks like fun 'star vehicle' fluff though.

18th Jan 2005, 02:22
New movie pic..


18th Jan 2005, 17:44
any news on the premiere? i want to go to it if its in New York :D itll be my chance to see angelina jolie in person!! [not to mention the SINGLE brad pitt hehe]

3rd Feb 2005, 02:30
I haven't heard anything yet. I looked at the Graeme (sp?) Chinese Theatre schedule but it only lists the event up to April. :(

Anyway, looks like an inside look at Mr. & Mrs. Smith is going to be featured on the Elektra dvd coming out in April.....

Title: Elektra
Starring: Jennifer Garner
Released: 5th April 2005
SRP: $29.98

Further Details
Fox Home Entertainment has officially announced Elektra which stars Jennifer Garner and Goran Visnjic. The disc will be available to own from the 5th April, and should set you back around $29.98. The film itself will be presented in anamorphic widescreen along with both English DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks. Extras will include three deleted scenes (running to around five minutes in total), a thirteen minute making of Elektra featurette, a Comic-Con Presentation, an Inside the Editing Room feature which looks at the editing for several different scenes and both the theatrical teaser and trailer. Completing this new package will be a soundtrack promo and an Inside Look at the Fantastic Four and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Fox has yet to release the official package artwork I'm afraid, but we'll bring you that very shortly. Stay tuned.

By Tom Woodward

For all three trailers go HERE (http://www.freewebs.com/mrandmrssmith/multimedia.htm)

For trailer 3 caps go here --> http://pictureposter.allbrand.nu/thumbcache/user-2639-pic-2514.jpg (http://pictureposter.allbrand.nu/pictures/rtms/MOVIES/MrMrsSmith/Trailer3caps/)

8th Feb 2005, 03:05
Here are some wedding pics from the movie...

http://img218.exs.cx/img218/7146/smithwedding017zy.th.jpg (http://img218.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img218&image=smithwedding017zy.jpg) http://img218.exs.cx/img218/3139/smithwedding028nk.th.jpg (http://img218.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img218&image=smithwedding028nk.jpg) http://img218.exs.cx/img218/7207/smithwedding039os.th.jpg (http://img218.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img218&image=smithwedding039os.jpg)

http://img218.exs.cx/img218/7476/smithwedding044tg.th.jpg (http://img218.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img218&image=smithwedding044tg.jpg) http://img218.exs.cx/img218/3708/smithwedding053ko.th.jpg (http://img218.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img218&image=smithwedding053ko.jpg)

23rd Feb 2005, 00:35
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Movie Tie-In

Author: Cathy East Dubowski
Book Format: A Format Paperback
No. of Pages: 224 pages
Number of illustrations:
Running Time:
ISBN: 0060785594
Price (Aust RRP): $18.95
Publication Date: 27 April 2005


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt star in a slick romantic adventure comedy in the vein of True Lies and Prizzi's Honor.
After winning free sessions with a marriage counsellor as a grab-bag gift at a suburban holiday party, a young couple discovers that they're in a dead-end marriage. But that's not all they discover - unbeknown to the other, each spouse is a covert assassin working at a rival agency, and their next assignment is to kill each other! This book tells their wild story as each confides it to their therapist.


Amazon has got it for far more less...



15th Mar 2005, 03:27
New Trailer!!! this is #2 or its also called the international trailer. Think its being shown in europe now.


Quicktime, large, 11mb.

20th Apr 2005, 00:59
Two new Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie pics..



:D :D

20th Apr 2005, 06:19
If only she tie her hair into a ponytail..... :D

20th Apr 2005, 22:48
If only she tie her hair into a ponytail..... :D

... and no Brad Pitt.... might be able to imagine another TR movie. :)

26th Apr 2005, 00:37
More piccys courtesy of angelinaj.net...






26th Apr 2005, 00:38

30th Apr 2005, 18:49
The movie site has been majorly updated.. new wallpapers, pics, and a screensaver.



2nd May 2005, 04:43
hey, my wife and I were bookshopping this weekend 4/30/05 and found the book version complete with screenshots though most Ive already seen online. had to buy it but dont worry my lips are sealed. very funny so far.

3rd May 2005, 00:11
yeah it looks funny... can't wait to see it. :)

10th May 2005, 01:26
HQ piccys for you all...

http://img84.echo.cx/img84/8030/mrandmrssmith076yb.th.jpg (http://img84.echo.cx/my.php?image=mrandmrssmith076yb.jpg) http://img230.echo.cx/img230/6603/mrandmrssmith083uk.th.jpg (http://img230.echo.cx/my.php?image=mrandmrssmith083uk.jpg) http://img224.echo.cx/img224/139/mrandmrssmith094ll.th.jpg (http://img224.echo.cx/my.php?image=mrandmrssmith094ll.jpg)

http://img170.echo.cx/img170/9231/mrandmrssmith106ha.th.jpg (http://img170.echo.cx/my.php?image=mrandmrssmith106ha.jpg) http://img179.echo.cx/img179/3614/mrandmrssmith113vl.th.jpg (http://img179.echo.cx/my.php?image=mrandmrssmith113vl.jpg)

15th Aug 2005, 00:14

Title: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Starring: Angelina Jolie
Released: 29th November 2005
SRP: $27.95

Further Details
Fox Home Entertainment has announced Mr. & Mrs. Smith which stars Angelina Jolie alongside Brad Pitt. The film tells the story of a bored married couple, who are surprised to learn that they are both assassins hired by competing agencies to kill the same target. This Doug Liman directed film will be available to own from the 29th November, and should be priced at around $27.95. Both widescreen and full screen presentations will be included on the disc, along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track. Extras will include a commentary by Director Doug Liman, a second commentary by Producer Lucas Foster and Producer Akiva Goldsman, some deleted scenes, the theatrical and teaser trailers, and an inside look.


I saw the movie... it was hilarious! :D I especially like the part where she bails out of the car and he in the back yelling, "We need to talk!" all the while the car is driving on by itself over a mound of dirt into the bushes.

7th Jan 2006, 01:27
I got the dvd for christmas and thought you all would like to see some screen caps from the movie....WARNING SPOILERS....



Many more to come... :D






7th Jan 2006, 14:10
Angelina is beautiful... :cool:

7th Jan 2006, 14:34
Thanks Trinity! That movie was fun. :)

9th Jan 2006, 02:37
Here's some more screens...

http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/5678/cap0589wy.th.jpg (http://img413.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0589wy.jpg) http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/645/cap0591zv.th.jpg (http://img305.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0591zv.jpg) http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/7800/cap0603bu.th.jpg (http://img305.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0603bu.jpg) http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/874/cap0616gw.th.jpg (http://img305.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0616gw.jpg)

http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/1955/cap0626ry.th.jpg (http://img305.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0626ry.jpg) http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/7092/cap0631ib.th.jpg (http://img305.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0631ib.jpg) http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/5342/cap0640vd.th.jpg (http://img305.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0640vd.jpg) http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/4435/cap0659vc.th.jpg (http://img305.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0659vc.jpg)

10th Jan 2006, 03:27

7 new screen caps added....