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4th Dec 2004, 10:47
will the campaign map be 3D too???? Like RTW...
well i'm not much into online MP gaming i like to play with the AI And RTW was pretty good, better than anyother i have played, but will the IG 3D engine will be that good???????

4th Dec 2004, 12:53
i hope with the map from RTW you got a level of perception.you saw trade routs to block and chock points to defend.

I love rome total war and dont mine when sombody bad mouths it but one thing you cant do is bad mouth the turn-base map i love so much

7th Dec 2004, 16:38
My biggest wish for the campaign map is simply a whole lot smaller and more provinces.

Long Live Prussia!

templar knight
7th Dec 2004, 19:16
hi folks,

I also liked the R:TW map mainly because of the dynamic feel it had, also the chokepoints, mountains passes, bridges ect were a brilliant addition :)

8th Dec 2004, 03:29
I just hope that they have point to point moving like in RTW, and not province to province like in the old MTW or Risk games.

8th Dec 2004, 06:01
From the screenshots of the strat. map I've seen it doesn't look like it'll be like the 3D map in R:TW. However, the devs said that there different map overlays, is that right? So there could be a strategic map aswell as a political map.


8th Dec 2004, 13:09
with this screenshot , we can see the french revolutionary calendar. great ! but there is * little mistake : it's not 1 vendimiario 1797. The right date, in french is : 1 vendemiare an V
translation : september 22 1797

this calendar was abandoned by Napoleon bonaparte the january 1st 1806

9th Dec 2004, 01:51
Remember that this is NOT "Total War".

The Strategic Map (shown in the screenshot posted above) used in I.G. "fits" better with the era in question.

It works IMHO (he says - having not played the game yet:rolleyes: )

In many ways I found the map for ROME: Total War a bit of a let down. Particularly the Fords and Bridges.
In previews I had the impression that by scouting the land in advance I could gain an advantage in battle .
This is not the case. You cannot inspect the field until you are already commited to battle and if the battlefield has a bridge or a ford then you are commited to crossing there - there are no "secret crossing points" available to those that know the lay of the land .

I also find movement on the ROME:TW map a little bit tedious at times.

Something half way between Medieval and Rome would be the way to go IMHO.