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2nd Dec 2004, 23:11
---|Parliament building in Eberacum, capital of the Commonwealth|---

The parliament building of the commonwealth is an old building, older even than the commowealth, it has seen two civil wars and countless modernisations and renovations as the empire of the Commonwealth waxed and waned its way through the centuries. The current arangement of the house had the MPs sat in a half apmpitheatre-like arrangement, on ranks of curved, padded-benches in terraces giving enough room for all 488 MP, the Benches of the Electorate. At the centre of the room, at a table facing the benches, was where the currently elected cabinet would sit, known as the Cabinet Table. On the far side of this large room on another, though smaller, ampitheatre arrangement were the ranks of the executioners, not really the masked axe-wielders but another part of the Parliament, no one quite knew how the name came about. The 44 executioners were elected by the rest of parliament and they in turn elected the head of state, the Lord Protector who took the single bench above them and acted as Speaker. Most of the time parliament was near empty, not all MPs were required for items to be passed. Today however it was full and talk filled the hall, the cabinet also talked, everyone talked except the first minister. The Lord protector entered and talk ceased.

Lord Protector: First Minister Henry Cunningham, you have been found to lack the confidence of the people, the MPs and the executioners. Your severe lack of good judgement towards the attitudes of the Accenti has cost the lives of over three thousand citizens. As Lord Protector of the commonwealth it is my duty to impeach you, effective immediately. Return to your bench.

<A large round of cheers erupted as MP Henry Cunning, head down, a tear in his eye made his way to an empty bench near the back of the ranks.>

Lord Protector: Parties, I now call your leaders, liberals your deupty, a new First Minister will be chosen tonight.

Conservative Party Leader: I, Gordon Black

Labour Party Leader: I, John Charles-Davies

Liberal Party Leader: I, Graham Kennedy

<The three walked purposefully toward the Cabinet Table, facing the executioners.>

Lord Protector: Executioners, you are all aware of the three standing before you. Declare now those of you who wish to see a new Conservative government.

Some amoung the executioners raised their hands, others stayed still. The Lord Protector asked fot the labour vote, some hands were raised, the liberal vote, some hands were raised.

Lord Protector: Talliers, who is our next First Minister

Chief Tallier: I count that the labour party has won

Deputy Tallier: I confirm.

A cheer rose amoung the labout party MPs

Lord Protector: Congratulations First Minister Charles-Davies, what will be your first act?

The other two returned to their benches, slightly dejected. While the new First Minister stood behind his chair at the table.

First Minister Charles-Davies: My first act as First Minister of the Commonwealth of Brettania is. To Declare war on the Accenti empire.

With that he sat, and the house rang with cheers.