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Sebastian Photon
2nd Dec 2004, 02:50
This game looks pretty promising and hopefully will be the game to keep me here at the Eidos Forums since TS3 is being published by EA. Hopefully it can impact me enought to be able to play it as the same time as TS3.

Anyone else looking forward to this?

2nd Dec 2004, 06:28
From what I've seen in the trailer it looks pretty cool. The hud looks a bit similair to Splinter Cell to me. But curious to see what will come from it.

3rd Dec 2004, 18:49
I've gotten to play a teeny tiny smidgen of it, and I must say I was blown away. VERY cool game! Can't wait to see more!!

Ah yes, one of the better perks of working in the gaming industry...:D

Sebastian Photon
3rd Dec 2004, 20:53
This all sounds good, but it doesn' seem like anybodys posting here. Hopefully it'll be active when the game comes out. :)

11th Dec 2004, 10:19
Just saw a preview of the game on tv and I must say it looks very good. Graphics are looking good some use of physics though they do fly away quite far when you seem to punch them. Also some nice and original weapons such as the grenade which creates a shield. Looking good :)

16th Dec 2004, 20:03
I think the game is going to be great. I fell in love with Halo and since then all I want to play is FPS. Now I'm not bound by Halo ideologies. A great FPS to me is Tron Killer App. But for PS2 I'd say Killzone But I don't own a PS2 but I did play the demo and it was cool.

Snowblind though is going to be tight. Very different. I love it when people don't follow trends and are interested in fun and not just money. Looking forward to the game.

12th Jan 2005, 13:44
I think it will be a awesome game. Looking really forward to it.
Consequently I've become moderator of this game in the german Eidosforum. It will be released in february overhere. Luckily I'll get a free PS2 copy from Eidos Germany.

14th Jan 2005, 16:19
*cough*Maybe an idea for Eidos US too *cough*.

Mr Radface
17th Jan 2005, 18:33

This forum isn't very populated at all for such a promising looking game.

17th Jan 2005, 18:35
It is slow now, but the game was only announced a few months ago. Once the new covers in gaming magazines hit shelves the buzz should pick up.

Welcome to the Eidos community! ;)

Mr Radface
17th Jan 2005, 18:58

Yeah, it will definitely pick up. I've been hearing about the game for a little while now. I'm looking forward to it -- not too much of a wait left.

18th Jan 2005, 00:40
Yea, the buzz is still low, but I hope it will go really high because this is such a promising game!

I saw more people posting about Snowblind in the ign forums too.

18th Jan 2005, 01:29
Ya I think from the pics this game looks awsome....
I want to get the first day it is out!!!!

18th Jan 2005, 06:01
I really want to buy this game the first day, but unfortunately I don't have enough money :(

18th Jan 2005, 15:40
I just checked the gamespy poll that said which game are you going to buy in Febuary or something and there was most votes for Project Snowblind.

Sebastian Photon
19th Jan 2005, 03:50
Originally posted by Cog
Can anyone think of any solid FPS games on the PS2?

*cough* TimeSplitters *cough*