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30th Nov 2004, 08:07
it may seem sad... but i cant find the book or whatever that tell you the lead on the hag i have ever thing else done everything is dead most of the loot is mine but where is that ***** book, watch it be out in the open somewhere. But i would like to know.

on a side note the scarest part of that mission to me was first walking into the hall of records and catching a glimps of one of those zombies in the back hallway behind the desk that tripped me out.

30th Nov 2004, 12:16
The Information about the hag isIn the Nursery. When you into the memories.The room where,you got the diary at the end of the room.When the guard walks to the other end you can read it.It is on a podium .
There have been allot of questions on the Hag.If that's not correct
Go search forums/forums options Thief deadly shadows.:)

The puppets freaked me also,first going in not knowing they are there. They are so creepy

30th Nov 2004, 14:59
thanks for the info.