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30th Nov 2004, 01:21
A man runs into a grand place with a excited look upon his face. He is checked by guards who take him to the Prince. He runs to the Prince who is speaking with his military commanders. He hands the Prince a letter and then sprints off. The Prince opens to be what appears to be an already opened letter. And it read:

"This suffering has split apart our beloved homeland. For decades we have fought one another with the one purpose of conquering this torn land.

We are of the same race, Religion why fight? I purpose that we join together and fight a common enemy. Sign this letter in hope of a better empire.

~Vladimir Kozmonov
~Twer Nevsky

The prince picks up his pen, Hesitates. He watches the candle light flicker along the black handle. He is reminded of the large fires at the end the battles. He writes his name down. The ink smudged by a tear.

~Obanas Ivanov

8th Dec 2004, 05:36
---|Urgent dispatch to Princes Ibanov, Kozmonov and Nevsky|---

A bundle containing treaties a declaration of recognition, the all important documents and a letter.

Dear Princes of the newly founded United Eastern Principalities.

I, First Minister of the Commonwealth of Brettania, note with pleasure that your countries have at last ceased the years of civil strife and have come together under union, much as my own Isles once did centuries ago.

We would be delighted to offer any aid or assitance, such as loans of troops or gold, to help you establish your new nation. We would also wish to establish an embassy in the city you name your capital.

However, the Accenti have invaded our sovereign territory and massacred many of our citizens only a day before i write this and so, much of our effort is now concentrated in war and engagement hampering any help we may be able to render. However do not be afraid to ask as if we can accomodate your request we will do our best to see it through.

First Minister John Charles-Davies
the Commonwealth of Brettania.

8th Dec 2004, 20:54
Obanas stood with letter letter in his hand. The silence around the royal hall was eerie and lingering.

Twer: This is unexpected, I would never think of cooperating with the westerners.

Obanas: If we are to respond, will it be with aid?

Vladimir: Bah! Why start helping them now? Winter is coming and we can't have troops marching. We only have ships that sail when they feel like it.

Obanas rises from his chair

Obanas: Injustices must be met! This may be the day to separate from the old ways and into the new.

Twer: Obanas, this is no threat to us. Action would be a good deed but not of purpose. Aid of funds is out of the question. We still need the recruits to supply their weapons! And with winter approaching they will never make it there.

Ombas sits back down in a slump

Obanas: It is decided then. Action is taken when it serves a threat. Distant warring nations mater less than our problems.

8th Dec 2004, 21:04
To the First Minister John Charles-Davies,

Thank you on your congratulations. We have tried for many years for peace and finally our efforts are recognized. A cease fire will be established between our nations. We have a place for your embassy in the capital city of Magadar.

I am sorry about the attacks on your people. It has been discussed in the assemblies and is still in consideration.

Please note that you have 5 weeks to comply before the cease fire is lifted. Also note that my people are skeptical of your ways and my not take kindly on your arrival.

~ Obanas Ivanov

31st Dec 2004, 21:20
East of the new formed union and icy fortress stands on top of a tall hill. A man on horseback rides up to the gate.

The snow covered gate opens revealing a fort filled with troops. The troops point their weapons at the man on horseback.
Man: I come in peace! In peace I tell you!
The officer of the fort gives the command to hold fire.

Officer: What is your business here? Did you come to make peace with us too? You, and your leaders, are pathetic!

Man: I wish to see your leader, Tsar Mikilov.

Officer: How did you know he was here! Fire! Shoot this spy of the princes down!
It was quick; the missed shots pinged off the walls. Troops approached the corpse and searched it.

Troop: All we found was this letter addressed to the Tsar.

Officer: Give me that! No doubt a call for mercy! Mercy from the true Tsar of this land!