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30th Nov 2004, 01:17
This is my second time playing through Theif Deady Shadows. This time I actually have a computer that can run the game properly.

In the Sea Side Mansion Mission, even with the Prima Official Game Guide, I can only come away from the mission with 95% of the loot.

Is there anyone that may know of the last $200 piece or pieces of loot?

30th Nov 2004, 01:43

30th Nov 2004, 01:47
These are 200 Is that what you meant???

Large fine portrait-
South of the main central hall,in the room prior to the dining room
this also
Large fine Portrait
On the second floor,on the West wall of the Rotunda

30th Nov 2004, 03:57
Another walkthrough: http://www.3dactionplanet.com/thief/walk/walkthroughs.shtml

1st Dec 2004, 05:55
It was the second item listed above. It wasn't even gleeming. I sat there for a whole min. waiting for it to get shiny and it didn't.

Thank you for the help and the nice walkthrough link. Better than the book almost, and I say almost 'cause it's hard playing and switching to a website at the same time.