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30th Nov 2004, 00:10
---|The Étranger Bureau, L'Accenti Empire|---

In the late hours of the night, during a heavy rain a large, stately carriage bearing the signs of a foreign nation rolls up outside the gates of the Accenti Foreign Office. The driver steps down, careful not to slip on the wet cobbles, and opens the doors of the carriage. Stepping out, in a heavy leather cloak, hints of a red and gold uniform illuminated by the gate lamps, with head down and adorned with a tricorn hat is another taller man. An air of aristocracy and snobbishness radiates out from him as he knocks on the gates

Dignatary: Ouvrez les portes! Ouvrez les portes!

A hatch in gates slid open, there was a hint of a face staring out.

Gate Guard: Que voulez-vous?

Dignatary: Pardon,

Gate Guard: que... voulez... vous?

Dignatary: Parlez-vous anglais?

Gate Guard: Yes, what do you want? You a commonwealth?

Dignatary: Yes, the first minister has found it necessary to end certain misgivings that have accumlated and so has sent me with this grand declartion.

Gate Guard: What?

Dignatary: ]Look, just hand this treaty to whoever is in charge and if they want to speak to me I'll be in the nearest tavern.

The Commonwealth dignatary produced a large and official looking capped cylinder that most certainly contained important documents and papers in both English and french, and left. It was a declaration of recognition, after past years of war and conquest although none had happened for decades, the Commonwealth had decided to put aside claims on Accenti land, consider it a legitimate nation, and hoped to engage in more friendly and benificial relations in the future.

30th Nov 2004, 00:30
--Later, inside the Emperor's quarters in his army's encampment--
The Emperor reads the document that the Commonwealth dignitary had delivered, then speaks in broken English
Emperor Jean Chevaux:Hmm... so finally they decide to reconnaître us as a nation... we are an empire for Dieu bien!

Premediary Jacque LeTaux: I agree with you mon Empereur, our armee is far larger than theirs as well...

Emperor Jean Chevaux:Do not..sous-estimer them Jacque..they have proved to be ah.. adversaire effrayant in the past. I wonder, what has caused this uh...l'exécution soudaine dans la politique, all of a sudden they wish to make peace with us after all these years...

Premediary Jacque LeTaux:Mayhap it is a ploy mon Empereur, they wish to catch us off-
A General lifts open the flap to the tent and bows.
General de Le Chevaux:Forgive me for interrupting my lords, but the pickets report increased movement across the southern border.

Premediary Jacque LeTaux:I knew it! It is a trap.. those scum, when I-

Emperor Jean Chevaux:Do not be so quick to make judgements my protege...We will accept this treaty for now, however, keep posts along the Commonwealth border, I want no le tours during Noël Veille.

Premediary Jacque LeTaux:But!-
The Emperor silences him with a wave of the hand.
Emperor Jean Chevaux:I have spoken Premediary.
The General tips his hat.
General de Le Chevaux:I will carry out your order my Emperor, I shall keep you informed.
TheGeneral leaves.

Emperor Jean Chevaux:Maintenant Jacque... maintenant nous attendons.

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---|Samiaire, along the southern border of Accenti|---

Samiaire was a very small colony of the Commonwealth. It was really just a fortified costal town and its surrounding farmlands that were captured during a previous war nearly two centuries ago. Now primarily full of commonwealth citizens and in a strategic position, the Brettanians were unsurprisingly unwilling to let it go. It was the small hours of the morning and the night watch, currently at rest in a copse of trees near the border, were preparing to turn in, a little brightness to the east indicated the coming morning.

Night Watchman Sergant: All right lads, looks like the Accents aren't going to invade tonight. We'll just wait for Scouty before we head back. Clean your rifles while you wait.

The scout came riding in soon after his telescope clanking in its case. He looked slightly distressed but mostly unsure.

Scout: Sarge! Sarge, the accents is doin' sommit odd!

Night Watch Sergant: They're always doing something odd.

Scout: Yeah I know, but, well. 'arf of them look like ther celebratin and the others are checkin' cleanin' an lodin' rifles like fury, some are even doin' cannon drills.

Night Watch Sargent: You think they're going to attack?

Scout: Couldn't say sarge, sorry.

Night Watch Sergent: Well, you gallop back and report to the Watch commander. We'll return at a leisurely pace.

The Scout gallopped off, whiping his horse out of instinct. When the Nightwatch group finally returned under a pink-orange sky, the first thing they noticed was the activity on the walls. They were readying for invasion, shouts of "the accents are coming!" rang along the walls, followed quickly by shouts off "You daft idiot, thats the night watch", the walls themselves praticly sagged with relief. It was then the sergent saw the medieval catapult on the gate, it had yet to be replaced with cannons like in the towers, and was left as a relic but it was crewed and ready to fire.

Night Watchman: Hey sarge, look, the catapult!

Sergant: I noticed, the governor is being far too caucious. They were only acting suspiciously, thats nothing new for the Accents. Ohwell, come one, lets get inside.

It was hours later, while the nightwatch were asleep that a merchant ship came in, the seaman rife with gossip from the motherland. Incoming rumours invloved possible and real peace with the Accenti, the opposition parties in parliament were raising hell over it, and outgoing were rumours were of a possible invasion. Hopefully the First Minister would sort everything out, and if not him then the Lord Protector would call a new election. Everything was going to be fine, right?

30th Nov 2004, 01:45
--Later that night on the Samiaire/Accenti border..



Le Sergent d'Escouade d'espionnage:Alright Jacques*, make ready...


Le Sergent d'Escouade d'espionnage:La formation détachée, ramper! Sur mon avant d'accroupissement d'ordre!

Jacque 1:Anything?
Jacque2:Phew..nothing..stop stepping on branches you
idiot maladroit....


Le Sergent d'Escouade d'espionnage:Ok... we're in..formation tendue, slowly and silently take the emplacements...


Jacque 1:The guards are down...

Le Sergent d'Escouade d'espionnage:Ok,Le vider!


Le Sergent d'Escouade d'espionnage:Alright, go go go! S'étendre! Rencontrer * AlphaB34 dans la forêt maintenant!

The Samiaire guard's throats were slit during the middle of the night, and the ancient catapult, and wall defenses set on fire.. who has done this?...

Seulement le faible prévoir la paix pour être la réponse et a laissé leur garde en bas pour qu'ils peuvent être abattus par le forte.-Premediary Jacque LeTaux

**Jacque is a general term for a Frenchman after the French Revolution.

30th Nov 2004, 13:37
---|The Next Morning, Harbour of Samiaire|---

A ship, official Navy of the Commonwealth ship had sailed up. The Town had been burnt, craters indicating the result of fire and gunpowder pockmarked the ruins. Other ships in the harbour had also caught fire, their charred remains floating in the salty waters. The ship's flag dropped to half mast as they sailed up to the docks and carefully moored themselves, search parties were dispatched to investigate, no one went by themselves and everyone went armed. Later in the day as the afternoon began to slide they all returned. Many brought useful supplies that had survived, others brought survivors, there was little chace many of them would survive but the ships doctor did what he could. The last party brought back the most interesting article, the article that may now be deciding the fate of thousands, the body of an Accenti soldier.

30th Nov 2004, 20:07
In the Emperor's Palace...

Emperor Jean Chevaux:Impossible! I did not order this attack! What is going on here! You!
The Emperor points to a General standing nearby
Emperor Jean Chevaux:I want you to find out what in going on immediately!

The General: Yes my Emperor.

Emperor Jean Chevaux:And where is my Premediary! Don't tell me on vacation aga-
The Emperor stops short and a wash of realization comes over him
Emperor Jean Chevaux:Mon dieur...What has he done...
Quickly! Send a message to the Commonwealth about this matter immediately!
The secretary glances up and quickly nods repeatedly with his feather plumed cap, then begins to write furiously what the Emperor says into the letter. It explains that he, and his country have been betrayed by a base man who wishes to create strife between the nations for his own means. It says that he will quickly be brought to justice for his acts of cowardice and dishonor.

Little does the Emperor know that his own Generals are involved in the plot against him, and soon the Premediary's plan will be set into motion. The face of Eurigula will never be the same...

Later, in an encampment in the south-west of the Accenti Capital,Accote;
Premediary Jacque LeTaux:My brothers! We are on the brink of a new age! An age of prosperity! Those that come before us shall fall! We are the present. We are the future! Our empire will stretch from horizon to horizon, and we will not stop until we can touch the sun!
He emphatically throws his arm up at points his hand at the sun. The crowd before him cheers, and becomes of throng of cheering and yelling voices, then slowly turns into a chant...
The Premediary raises his voice over the crowd.
Premediary Jacque LeTaux:We will overthrow the old emperor and his weak ways! He never deserved to rule! He was a weak fool bent on negotiation and peace...He was a fool to think that the people would stand idly by while he stored up the riches in his luxurious castle!
He gave the people what they wanted to hear. And they loved him for it. He shouted for revolution, and they listened. They soon began their march to the capital...

30th Nov 2004, 22:57
And thus ends the first chapter of our story. :D