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29th Nov 2004, 17:24

I bought T3 on eBay and got 3 CD's coming obviously somewhere from Asia (I guess Taiwan), since there are Chinese(?) letters on it. Game installs nicely, patch as well, but I got somehow suspicious, because:

- I don't see any videos (are there any? Is this because of the "illegal" copy or do I need to activate them somewhere?)
- game seems to run without the CD's inserted
- on all 3 CD's I find a file called "all by twnsoft.nfo"

Are my suspicions justified? Is my copy of the game legal? I'm from Germany and the german EIDOS support site is offline for a while now, so I try here. Please help me, so I can play this with a good conscience. Please tell me how to proof the integrity of my game.

Best of course if I could get an official statement on this.



29th Nov 2004, 17:55
For part of the question, yes there are Videos. An opening cutscene and numerous others that introduce the Missions.

Missions as opposed to the in town segments preceeding and following specific missions.

As for the "oriental" productions I can't help you there.

29th Nov 2004, 17:59
Ok, I played the Tutorial and following it there comes a cutscene (a ugly guy writing something into a book, tearing it out and hiding it in his drawer). But I haven't seen any intro... :(

Well, for now I'll just continue. No one can blame me for not trying to be honest. :)


29th Nov 2004, 19:18
The opening scene will come only if you leave the main menu on screen for 20 or 30 seconds or more.

The Main menu will then default to a cutscene with action shots just like in the first games.

The intros per se come from Garrett with the BRIEFING between missions. There are cutscenes that sometime preceed a mission and sometimes come after.

The first legitimate (IE part of the game) cutscene is the one after the tutorial with the scribe and the burning Glyph.

If you got the scribe, then you should get others throughout the game.

Mr. Perfect
30th Nov 2004, 02:16
I don't know about any foreign builds, but the legal US version will not run without the CD in the drive.

30th Nov 2004, 04:16
It's easy to see if you have the videos - go to Thief - Deadly Shadows\CONTENT\T3\VideoTextures. If the all videos are under 1000 kb (I've had 1 kb videos when I've had the illegal copy), they won't be running properly.

30th Nov 2004, 09:44
THE CD? Doesn't it come as DVD in the US/Europe? I've got 3 CD's... could be that it comes as CD'S in Asia, though.

As to the Videos: They seem to have the proper size. Just to mention the first in the list: "artemus_returns_engl_none_30.bik" (61.537 kb).

I found that I posted my videos "concern" a bit prematurely. They DO show up. The Intro only after waiting a minute or so in the main menu, though.

Btw, the CD's look good. Not as if someone made them at home or so. Is there any chance of getting "official" answers here or are we left "in the dark"? ;)


Ian Flaer
30th Nov 2004, 12:56
sorry about there not being any official people on the board, I get the feeling they don't read it very often. as for the US release it is 3 CDs not DVD. sounds like maybe you've got an official copy the only thing I find suspicious is that it runs without the CD in. I'd say enjoy and don't worry, but I wouldn't worry much anyway I guess. My hat is off to your honesty.

30th Nov 2004, 14:30
Originally posted by Ian Flaer
as for the US release it is 3 CDs not DVD
Ah, ok. Then the DVD realease was only for Europe.

the only thing I find suspicious is that it runs without the CD in

I'd say enjoy and don't worry, but I wouldn't worry much anyway I guess. My hat is off to your honesty.
Nothing to take your hat off. Ally my games are originals. I love Video Games and so I don't want to cheat on those producing them. If I don't agree with certain companies policies (Hello, Valve), I simply don't buy & play their games (e.g. HL2). Life has other things to offer. :)


Grey Mouser
30th Nov 2004, 18:18
Originally posted by Ian Flaer
sorry about there not being any official people on the board,

Excuse me? I'm here a bit more than you know...


Sounds to me BigBonsai like you have an illegal copy...I cannot tell you without actually looking at them though.

My suggestion is, if you are able to play the game, do so...but don't buy games from that place any more, as it is highly unlikely that they are legit.

30th Nov 2004, 19:14
Just want to chime in as well, as I do read the Thief (among other) forums throughout the day. Must have missed this topic though. My opinion is the same as Mouser's, the copy appears to be an illegal one. Playing without the cd is more than suspicious.

30th Nov 2004, 20:32
GREAT! Thanks for u reading this! You see me really happy! :)

Originally posted by Grey Mouser
I cannot tell you without actually looking at them though.
The person I got it from _assured_ me it is a legitimate copy. Well... of course he did. What do you need to tell me whether it is ok or not? Want me to send the CD's to you (although I may run the risk you will keep them, huh? ;))? Or a scan of their "picture side" (how is this side called in english? :))?

Sorry if I make such a fuzz of this. Tell me to shut up and I'll do. :D


30th Nov 2004, 22:19
There is no need to Prove they are illegal. You bought them in good faith, they work, you can play the game.

GM said they may be, but play and enjoy. No need to carry this further except to soothe your conscience. But it is recommended that you don't purchase further from this source.

You might, on the other hand notify E-BAY or the server from whom you made the contact that the item might be pirated copies.

Ian Flaer
2nd Dec 2004, 13:27
To the moderators and Eidos staff on this board, I apologise. I spoke too rashly, Mouser, Orchid, Clayman, Peter Smith, and especially Blackman are all over these boards as well as others that I have failed to notice, I'm sure, you all have my sincere apology. I think next time I'll double check myself before saying something like that. you guys seem to be an active part of the community and I think that's very important. again, sorry, I was being dumb.

2nd Dec 2004, 17:57
On my part, apology accepted. As I have no direct, official contact with EIDOS and merely moderate, I try not to comment on situations like this where I have no real knowledge.

As you say, there are a number of us "mods" who try to keep a handle on the trolls, give "known" cures for problems and a shoulder upon which to cry if needed.

But I leave the detailed EIDOS responses to GreyMouser, Clumsy Orchid, and Redlegg as they are the true arbitors and possessors of arcane knowledge.

Don't feel too badly about your post. I too suffer from "foot-in-mouth" more often than I should. :D

2nd Dec 2004, 18:02
Not that I have any knowledge of *cough*warez*cough* (those who have been around for a while know what I stand for), but the 'all by twnsoft.nfo' looks pretty suspicious as well (and well spotted to mention it, BigBonsai).

I think the consensus is that you got a bent version, but unless you can pursue the vendor and get your money back to buy a legit one, I don't think anyone at Eidos will be too upset if you get to play the game you paid for...

2nd Dec 2004, 19:05
To Ian- No apology neccessary. I spoke up only so you, and others, knew I was reading the forums. We all have other tasks throughout the day and may not be posting all the time (though sometimes we do :D).

Ian Flaer
2nd Dec 2004, 19:49
thank you for understanding, it's good to know you're out there and paying attention. hopefully the rest of the mods and admin feel the same way.

Grey Mouser
2nd Dec 2004, 22:56
No worries Ian Flaer...but we DO pay attention, and attempt to help anyone we can, as time allows...sometimes we lack the time, sometimes not. Clumsy Orchid can confirm this...but our goal really is to help, as needed and as time allows.

Back on topic - BigBonsai, if you can play the game, do so...it is a pretty good game. I hope you enjoy it.

2nd Dec 2004, 23:09
Originally posted by Grey Mouser
if you can play the game, do so...it is a pretty good game. I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks. Now I can have a good conscience. :) And YES it is a very good game! Except maybe for this stupid hag = monster thing! This really takes me off!
Well, I simply like to play in the "real" world, not amongst creeping, moaning, rattling somethings... well... my opinion. :)

Have to get back to headbutt that guard! ;)