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29th Nov 2004, 02:39
In the hall of statues, I dodged all the statues and ran up the stairs and through the wall glyph. When I went up the ladder to exit throught the exit door, the game wouldn't let me. Just could get to the door but not through it. The game did not crash but wouldn't go any further. Am I supposed to accomplish something first in order to exit or is there a bug? Haven't had a crash until now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

29th Nov 2004, 03:05
If you got through the GLYPH, you should be able to exit. Did the screen tell you "you are about to leave this .... Yes/No?

If not double check your objectives, although the setup is that you cannot use the GLYPH unless all the GOALS for that mission are accomplished.

Try it again, and if it fails, use a save just before the HALL of STATUES cutscene and replay the mission.

If that fails, then try a SAVE LOAD from http://www.somewhattwisted.com/thief-3-savegames.htm

29th Nov 2004, 03:27
I went back to a previous save just before the cutscene and had the same problem - no "you are about to leave.." Just blocks me from going through. I will try the save games from the url you mentioned. Thank you very much.

29th Nov 2004, 12:11
Try killing the statues.

30th Nov 2004, 15:39
In this mission, you are allowed to activate the door glyph but you will still be halted at the top of the ladder and won't be allowed to exit unless you complete all your objectives. Have you checked your objectives?

2nd Dec 2004, 03:21
Oops!!!! Would you believe I forgot to check about Artemus whereabouts. Sorry. After I did that it worked fine. Geeze I thought I did everything!! I think I am playing this game too long. Addicting SOB isn't it. Thanks everyone.

2nd Dec 2004, 04:00
If not double check your objectives,

complete all your objectives. Have you checked your objectives?

Not to say I told you so.... But at least two of us did! :D