View Full Version : how do you unlock the hidden wrestler's

28th Nov 2004, 20:10
i have beat the game once with a custom wrestler
and have bought everything in the shop

but i havent unlocked any wrestlers

does anyone know how u unlock the hidden wrestler's:(

can some help please:D

3rd Dec 2004, 16:13
I've only seen where you can unlock people to play with in career mode. For that you have to just beat them with the custom wrestler and then buy their video and you can then play them in the career mode. They don't have any one to unlock for the exhibition mode I don't think.

4th Dec 2004, 04:49
I noticed that the 5 "locked" wrestlers in Exhibition mode "fill in" every time you Create-A-Wrestler." Like when you create your wrestler for Career mode, that character becomes available in Exibition mode. Then you can use your C-A-W to play against whichever BYW superstar you want.