View Full Version : All About Symbian reviews S60 Tomb Raider

28th Nov 2004, 16:44
All About Symbian has reviewed Tomb Raider for Nokia 6600/NGAGE. Got this myself and it's pretty good:



27th Dec 2004, 11:47
It is very good. Anyone else here do shadowracing?

The one pain in all this is the autorun "feature", where you carry on running when you've let go of forward... right off a cliff... :D

Umm... but it's not a symbian game, it's an n-gage game.

You can just about get it working on a 6600 but only with a pirated (ie illegal) copy. Also it probably won't move properly because the n-gage is the only symbian with an 8-way direction pad (all the rest use 4 way pads so they can't do diagonals).