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John D.
28th Nov 2004, 12:17
Ok, I decided to try the thing just to see what it could do (perhaps I could make columns with it to save polys). Trouble is, when I start the eggplant tutorial, I get to the 'select Polygon from the toolbar part' then I click the middle of the screen to get the thing only to find I cant drag it the 2 squares it says to! How do I fix that?:confused:

28th Nov 2004, 15:15
The only thing I can think of is that you've zoomed in quite a bit and you've got grid snapping on and you haven't reduced the grid size.

John D.
28th Nov 2004, 15:44
Okay, I figured out that you have to drag the shape into existence...oh boy this is like opening dromed for the first time! I think I'll just focus on making a column first before I try any eggplants!;)

John D.
28th Nov 2004, 15:57
Okay, I've figured out how to draw out a simple column, but how do I determine the texture that goes on it and how do I convert the thing for use in dromed?:confused:

28th Nov 2004, 21:18
I suggest you go through the tutorial (from the website). It may be a bit tedious but there several secitons you can miss out becasue they have no relevance to Thief.

To convert it for use in Dromed, you have to export the object as a .3ds file, then use N3ds2e.exe to convert it to an .e , then bsp.exe to convert it to a .bin .
The bin file should be put in Thief2\obj\ and any textures used should go in Thief2\obj\txt or txt16 depending on the palette.

There should already be a bsp in the Thief folder, or on one of the CDs.
There is also 3ds2e, but N3ds2e is newer so you should use that. You can get it from the Tools section of Dromed Central, under 'Official Companion Tools'.
Note that some properties of the textures you use (e.g. transparency) can be set in Anim8or, or you can edit the .e file.
If you want the object to be smoothly shaded, you can edit the .e file and type in PHONG. Have a look at the .e files in RES\mesh.crf (they used GOURARD, but PHONG is the only one the renderer can recognise).

A very useful program is Nameless Voices 3ds -> bin program. It still requires the previously mentiones .exe files, but it make the conversion process much easier. You can edit tranparency, shading etc much more easily than using the manual method.