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28th Nov 2004, 01:49
Since we're all interested in this game, it is reasonable to assume that some if not all of us like the idea of being in control of and leading a nation, dictate policy, diplomacy and of course, the war office. There's a little megalomanic in all of us, right?

Therefore, to pass the time between arguments and game news we could sort of act out, Role play if you will, a nation. Not like that damn Micronation stuff I was on about earlier, but more sort of text adventure rpg but instead of being an elf something, we can be napolenic-ish nations.

i.e you make up a country and post some details of it, and someone else can post details of a country they've made up and they you can say,

"Well, your country, Woodland, has lots of forests and i need that to make ships, therefore, the armies of Randomland, with me as its king, will invade you." Of course you would extend it and make it more interesting.

What do you think, we'd have to sort out a few rules and guideline of course, but I think it would be a fun thing to do. Of course that may just be my magalomanical cravings coming to the fore.

28th Nov 2004, 10:47
How about we role-play officers in a british or french army ? Go through battles, etc. ?

28th Nov 2004, 15:59
Yeah, I suppose we can do that aswell, we could also do naval battles.

28th Nov 2004, 16:30
Okay sounds fun, here's my country.
Leader: Emperor Jean Clouseau (lol)
Country: The Accent Empire
Location: Western Europe
Main Language: French
Military Strength: 700,000 Ground troops + artillery: 378 Ships
Alliances: None yet.

"Hello, my subjects, we are entering a golden age of Le Accento! Let glory be yours! Vive le Accento!"

29th Nov 2004, 00:29
All good, except maybe we shouldn't set it in europe, because that makes it more likely for us to end up trying to take the roles of real nations which can lead to aggravation,

"But I wanna be Russia!"
"Tough, I got there first!"

Lets get everyone together first, then maybe we could make up a map or something

Nation: The Commonwealth of Brettania
Political Divisions: Anglund, Caledon, Galles, Hiburnum, Isles and Colonies
Government: 3 Party Parliamentary Democracy
Suffrage: All male citizens over 21, All female citizens over 30
Incumbent: First Minister John Charles-Davies
Secondary Incumbent: Chancellor David Brooks
Language: English

Location: North-Western
Population: 47Million
Size: Approx. 172,500 Square Miles
Physical Description: Series of islands, the 4 major ones contain 94% of the population. Flat to Mountainous terrrain, heavily forrested in North and West.

Military Branches: Army of the Commonwealth, Engineers of the Commonwealth, Navy of the Commonwealth, Commonwealth Balloon Core
Enlisted Soldiers: 420,000
Potential Volunteer Soldiers: 8,500,000
Potential Draft Soldiers: 13,200,00
Engineers: 50,000
War-time Engineers: 120,000
Ships: 527 Ships
Enlisted Seamen: 38,000
Balloons: 45
Ballon Engineers: 180

29th Nov 2004, 22:08
Ok first of all, good way to describe your nation Wolf. =) I think we should all use that as a template to describe our nations. Secondly, *Cough* You said not to use names of real nations... yours come pretty close =p (Brettania, Anglund, Galles) lol. Brittania, England, Wales =-p Also you spelled Political wrong in Political Divisions =p.

Secondly, here is my revised country.

Nation: The Empire of Accenti(pronounced assentee)
Political Divisions: Accote(ahcohteh),Ledarie(Lehdaree),Combuste(combooste),Chevaux(she(short E)vo),Nemaux(Neh-Mua)
Government: Executive Branch with large dicatorial powers, and a Legislative branch called the Assembly.
Suffrage: All male citizens over 19. Women may only cast their vote if they are married, and then after age 32.
Incumbent: Emperor Jean Chevaux
Secondary Incumbent: Premediary Jacque LeTaux
Language: French

Location: North-Western
Population: 69 million
Size: Approx. 210,300 Square Miles
Physical Description: Large body of land on the main land consisting of 5 counties listed above. Flat to Mountainous terrrain, heavily forrested in South and sporatically about the country.

Military Branches: L'Armée de l'Empire, Ingénieurs impériaux, Armée de l'air impériale, Cavalerie impériale, L'Armée des Gens, Les fusiliers de Chevaux, La marine du Imperium.
Enlisted Soldiers: Every man over 18 must enlist in the army for at least 4 years. Approx. 680,000 strong at this point.
Potential Volunteer Soldiers: 13,600,000 + Uncounted 18 year old males.
Potential Draft Soldiers: Draft needed to be taken. N/A
Ships: 823 Ships
Enlisted Seamen: 59,256
Balloons: 23
Ballon Engineers: 120

29th Nov 2004, 22:54
I know its pretty close to the UK, the names are really just place holders until i can think of something better.

Anyway, howcome you have the same number of ships as me but 3 times the number of seaman, that works out at about 233.4 crew per ship :rolleyes:

29th Nov 2004, 23:00
Oops my bad, when I copy and pasted the format, I forgot to change that.:eek:

PS. fixed

29th Nov 2004, 23:37
823! *faints*

Your shipbuilders work fast, 450 new ships in less than a day :D

29th Nov 2004, 23:43
Actually its 204 ships in 10 minutes but ok =p
What now?

30th Nov 2004, 00:38
Heres my attempt:

Nation: United Eastern Principalities
Political Divisions: Khanikstan, Twergrad, Novgostan
Government: Monarchy, assembly of Princes called: Royal Gatherings :/
Incumbent: Grand Prince Obanas Ivanov
Secondary Incumbent: Gam Ivanov
Language: Czech/Russian

Location: Eastern
Population: 36 Million
Size: Approx. 112,000 Square Miles
Physical Description: Eastern Landlocked Country . Flat terrain, sparse trees, Many plains used for herding, Large deposits of ore, Overpopulation in Major Cities

Military Branches: Eastern Army, Eastern Army Intelligence Core, Eastern Engineers
Enlisted Soldiers: 926,000 (Worthy men over 19 must fight in times of war)
Volunteer Soldiers: 996,000
Potential Draft Soldiers: 10,200,000
Engineers: 26,000
War-time Engineers: 162,000
Ships: Mercenaries
Enlisted Seamen: N/A
Balloons: 23
Balloon Engineers: 124

30th Nov 2004, 00:43
HOLY CRAP, look at the size of his army. But I guess they are all volunteer soldiers, so they will be sort of like the russian soldiers in ww2... cannon fodder!

30th Nov 2004, 00:52
Yahoo, we're starting!

30th Nov 2004, 00:53
Ok you weird accented commy russian, go post in the declaration post something.. use your brain. You too wolfie.

30th Nov 2004, 00:55
I never said I liked the USSR.......never said I didn't either...

30th Nov 2004, 00:58
Yay.. What? go post.

30th Nov 2004, 00:58
I'm posting at this very moment, but rocket should just read it for now. I'll work in the UEP a bit later. Afterall, what does a landlocked eastern empire have to do with two rivals coming to terms.

30th Nov 2004, 01:01
Easily.. since we are western.. perhaps he is planning to use his GIGANTIC cannon fodder rusky army to crush the westerner capitalists? Nah... we'll fit him in later. =p

Also.. just realized you spelled Balloon wrong in Ballon Engineers =p Which caused all of us to do the same.

30th Nov 2004, 01:25
The filling in between you and me might/will fill in. My troubles can lay there. And possibly help you with your neighbors that are west of me.

30th Nov 2004, 01:31
Wha? Rephrase that please, I didn't quite understand.

30th Nov 2004, 01:35
More willl come my friend...It won't be just us.

30th Nov 2004, 01:48
Im so confuzzled, we need more people to fill in gaps here, so I can make a map.

PS. I can do that, i know how to do it in Photoshop/paintshop pro

30th Nov 2004, 21:02
How are we going to know what gaps still exsist without a map?

30th Nov 2004, 22:17
Alright, ill make one, but you need to explain the parameters of the map so I can make it. Basically, give me an idea of how big your country is. Its going to be on one large land mass so ill just fill in the blanks =p

30th Nov 2004, 22:56
The map should be based somewhat on europe, except not actually europe. So its recognisably Europey, but suitably alien. Perhaps have the Italian boot facing the worng way, Sweden/Norway more jagged, the Crimea inverted, etc.

30th Nov 2004, 23:31
The size of my country is a little bigger than the island of Newfoundland in Canada.

1st Dec 2004, 16:13
Im working on the map now, ill post it soon.

25th Dec 2004, 20:16
Too late to join, by any chance?

26th Dec 2004, 15:13
Of course not, we need an infusuion of fresh blood to get us going again, castus seems to ave stopped posting here.

26th Dec 2004, 20:33
Hehehehe thanks! :D

Nation: Lumenlium
Political Divisions: Party of Free Lumenlium, United National and The Flemish Society
Government: Republic?
Suffrage: Male citizens over 17.
Incumbent: Chancellor Schillife
Secondary Incumbent: Vice Chancellor Docmich
Language: French/German/Flemish

Location: Central/Western
Population: 17.5 Million
Size: Approx. 102,000 Square miles.
Physical Description: Small country, hilly terrain, very woody and numerous rivers. Lies on the Coast

Military Branches: Army Core, Army Reserves. Naval Intell, Navy and Cavalry Reserves
Enlisted Soldiers: 250,000: Must be 18.
Potential Volunteer Soldiers: 1 Million (Will look the other way for those under 18)
Potential Draft Soldiers: 2.5 Million (Men that can hold a gun)
Ships: 120 (Mostly obsolete)
Enlisted Seamen: 20,104

I found making up the politics a tad difficult so i had to 'borrow' some ideas off other people :p

31st Dec 2004, 21:21
Welcome, andytimtim.

31st Dec 2004, 22:23
Thanks for the welcome Russian Rocket!

2nd Jan 2005, 01:47
Political divisions means like the countries within a country. So if you were the USA you would say your political divisions where Alabama, New York, California, etc. the UK would England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.