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Capt.Jack Aubrey
27th Nov 2004, 20:33
If you tried looking for bayonets, or just beleive there is one, I have found It here (http://pcmedia.ign.com/pc/image/article/548/548142/imperial-glory-20040915070231848.jpg)So If you look to the very center, at a french troop. He has a bayonet at the very end of his musket.

27th Nov 2004, 23:06

27th Nov 2004, 23:10
That painting looks like a galleon from a previous century has fouled your best bower anchor Capt Jack. haa haha


Capt.Jack Aubrey
28th Nov 2004, 04:25
It is acutally the game sea dogs, never wnet fully into development, they canceled it before 3 months of its release.

28th Nov 2004, 10:50
Wha ?

Sea Dogs cancelled ?

no it wasn't.

I played it, enjoyed it.

Didn't enjoy the sequel to it, because they got Disney licensing and changed the name to "Pirates of the Caribbean". In the end, the game sucked.

Good news, is that they are apparently remaking the sequel.

I know all this because Akella is one of my favourite game developers.

28th Nov 2004, 16:33
Just incase anyone didnt notice, if you check troop listings, it says certain french troops are famous for their fixed bayonet attacks. Also if you watch the trailer, look closely, there is bayonets attached to the units.

Capt.Jack Aubrey
28th Nov 2004, 21:12
Oops, I mean sea dogs 2. It turned into the pirates of the caribean, because some other company bought it.

28th Nov 2004, 21:28
Yes they bought the game itself, but not the rights to the title "Sea Dogs". They had the rights to Pirates of the Carribean and thought that might fit as a good title, and so they used it. I liked Sea Dogs too.. oh well, i hope they come out with a true sequel.

Capt.Jack Aubrey
28th Nov 2004, 21:39
Yes so do I. The first sea dogs was a classic, and a good one. It's just sad they were bought :(

28th Nov 2004, 21:45
The sequel is indeed alive, the game will be called Sea Dogs 2:Children of Captain Sharp (or Sharpe)

I'm translating from the Russian official page at http://www.akella.com/k2/

To help you navigate if you wish to do so, the left menu is as follows:

Game (Idea, Heroes, World Map)
Gallery (Screenshots and Art)
Files (Music and Wallpapers)

This game is based on the same engine as Pirates of the Caribben, but should feel different. First of all, you can choose your nation. Second, you can play as one of two characters. Third, you can capture colonies for yourself, and manage them yourself. The map is the real caribbean of the 17th centuries including 18 islands and 20 colonies.

here's the map


to tell you the truth as far as maps go, it's not as good as Sea Legends, but I'll take it. over Sea Dogs, and PotC.

Problem is, the release date was for the fall of '04

So, they are late already, and the web-site hasn't been updated since May.

28th Nov 2004, 23:13
Erk, thats not a good sign. Ill post here if I find anything about the status of the game. Im going to go web surf for info about it now.

Capt.Jack Aubrey
29th Nov 2004, 01:24
This is interesting, seems just like sea dogs Swashbuckler (http://www.akella.com/pub-swash-en.shtml)

Capt.Jack Aubrey
29th Nov 2004, 01:26
The company that developed sea dogs, seems to be interested into the imperial age for there games.

29th Nov 2004, 06:12
Yeah, so is "Captain Blood"