View Full Version : Staying alive in a fight. . . AI bugs?

Ian Flaer
23rd Nov 2004, 20:23
Some minor early mission spoilers present but nothing shattering:

I have discovered some interesting things about living through fights in DS. Hammers and anybody swinging a hammer as his/her weapon have a very hard time hitting you when you're crouched. especially if you get yourself into a corner or wedged between a statue and a wall. I discovered this when I was breaking into the Hammer cathedral for the Keepers. I was hiding in an alcove with a statue in it waiting for the hammer on patrol to pass by when I bumped the statue and it shifted making an obscenely loud noise. I was immediately discovered by the guard and he started swinging his hammer at me, but could not connect. so I casually crawled up to him and slashed his groin until he died. then in the pagan tunnels it happened again with those first two humans you hear talking, you know, Burt and his buddy. this time I just crouched but didn't hide and again he couldn't touch me, it's like they can't swing down or something. I have found that that big beast in the pagan tunnels also cannot hurt you if you are in the tunnel leading into the sewers. it'll howl and swing at you but it won't hit you. I walked right up to it until I was belly to belly with it and killed it with my knife. I am still testing exactly what circumstances lead to this problem with the AI not being able to kill you when they should. I've also seen shamen turn and shoot one of their own dead when they are in a fight with me. doesn't make much sense to me, but hey, it makes the fight easier.

Ian Flaer
8th Dec 2004, 21:10
Ok I think this is either a real bug or a real big screw-up.

Hammerites cannot hit Garrett when he is croutched. I have encountered them several times now and have tried every situation I can think of and the results have always been the same. I whent through the whole clock tower mission croutched in open light. every single Hammerite there saw me and I was only hit by a hammer once and that because I was on a stair step higher than my attacker. I gathered groups of 3 and 4 hammerites or more all trying to kill me at once. I had to push my way through the crowd to get where I was going. the only thing I had to worry about was the priests that had wands to shoot magic at me and usually they killed two or three of the swarming Hammer Guards while I was reading my fire arrow. only one of them ever hurt me at all with their magic before I killed them. I like to sneak and all that too but when there is such an easy alternative it's hard to take the mission seriously. I would like to see the Hammerites swing those massy hammers like they did in the old dark project or metal age editions. "Thou art the nail!" *WHAM!* you're dead. the hammerites should be feared not laughable

COME ON PEOPLE! this is a serious error and needs to be fixed.

does anyone else see this happen or is it just my Hammerites that can't hit a nail on it's head?

9th Dec 2004, 13:02
I gotta be honest I make full use of this bug a number of times in the game. It looks like a lot of the bad guys (including statues) have little blind spots where they can swing at you but not hit you (unless they use projectiles I assume). There seem to be blind spot areas like in the alcoves where you move from one part of the city to another. I found that quite often if you climb onto something AI wont be able to attack you and just stand there cursing you.