View Full Version : Backyard Wrestler advice

The Great Gouki 187
23rd Nov 2004, 17:45
Hello, I am a backyard wrestler. I was just wondering who, or where do you get your move set from? Being a knowleged wrestler (not just some assclown who bashes my friends with lightbulbs) I'm disapointed in the variety of moves in the game. If you need advice on the moves, my style spans American style, Puroresu, Lucha Libre, and Lucha-resu. Seriously, I think with more moves, realistic animation for them, and a little bit of research...this could quite possibly give most other games a challenge. On a final note, if this were more wrestling oriented and less fighting oriented it could be cooler too. Respond if you'd like my e-mail addy to talk more about it. Thank you for your time.

27th Nov 2004, 16:03
I bought this game to get away from the basic wrestling stereotypes. I think this game is what backyard wrestling should be about. I love this game because it really gives me a chance to blow off steam before i literally blow off someones head. I find nothing more amusing than shaggs holding andrew W.K's head down in the deep frier. I hate the fact that it doesnt have online play or 2 on 2 options, gotta give people a reason to buy those multitaps ya know, but as a game that really lets you lay into your enimes in an old skool arcade style, blood, gore, break them thru a table and beat them with the debris.... i just cant get that in WWE. That may be wrestling entertainment but thats not what i want. THIS IS WHAT I WANT!