View Full Version : Really Like What I See

23rd Nov 2004, 00:33
I first heard about Imperial Glory in PC Gamer magazine, though I found the game interesting, the one screen shot they included isn't too great. The soldiers are rather blocky, they appear much like what you see in Empire Earth. That's what I thought this would be, however, I am now looking through the Gallery on the official site, and I now realize I couldn't have been more wrong. Imperial Glory looks great, the soldiers look realistic. PC Gamer just got a crappy screen shot. The ocean in the naval battle screenshot looks nearly real! I am looking at one battle scene photo right now, and it looks great, dust flying up, all hell has pretty much broken loose!
This is the kind of game that I have been looking for, for awhile now. If History Channel's "Decisive Battles" is going to do any episodes on battles during this period of time, I bet they will use this game like they used Rome Total War.

23rd Nov 2004, 21:46
yea thats where i heard of it too forget which issue it was either july or august tucked way in the back of the magizine with the same blocky screenshot you just described. I thought this was pyros response to RTW(boy was i wrong). Now im eagerly anticipating Imperial Glory and am hoping that it will be as groundbreaking to this genre as i think it will, and if it has as many unique characteristics as i can see thus far(and a MP campaign mode;)) this is likely to recieve entrance into the hall of imortals