View Full Version : New Jack

21st Nov 2004, 09:45
I think the New jack character is the *****.I'm an indy wrestler in the Florida area and i have worked with him on many shows and he is a cool ass dude.He looks just like he does in real life on the game.Mad props to Eidos on his creation.

23rd Nov 2004, 18:58
I met New Jack at the BYW 2 launch event. Guy was very cool. He started yelling and cussing out a reporter from G4....looked like the guy almost wet himself. LOL! Plus he did a crazy slam from the top of a tour bus onto MaD Man Pondo who was laying on one of those brown foldout tables. Broke into about 400 pieces, one of which I know have sitting on my desk here at the office! :D I was glad to see Pondo slammed, the guy threw a trash can full of crap at New Jack an hit ME instead!. :mad: 'Course I was laghing about it 15 minutes later. Alcohol has a tendancy to calm one after such an event.

Ahhh memories....:p