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20th Nov 2004, 23:07
Can I post news/pictures of Angelina Jolie even if it is not Tomb Raider related?

John Carter
21st Nov 2004, 00:56
Sure, just post 'em in this chat forum and not the game forums.

Got any good ones from Alexander?

21st Nov 2004, 12:48
hehe you are probably going to regret saying that..... and yes there are lots of pics/media for Alexander just let me upload. :D

21st Nov 2004, 13:37
Great stuff.

But please make sure the file size is low enough for us dailup users. If they're more than 300k, you can reduce them quite easily using IRFANVIEW (http://www.irfanview.com)
image editor, buy re-saving them at 50% compression in .jpg. :)
Or if you want to keep them original, links would be better.

The choice is yours though, this is just a guidline to help those with slow connections enjoy them too.

21st Nov 2004, 14:24
Ok here we go...

First off I wanted to post two movie posters I liked, there are probably 15 total at the sites listed below.



There are three main Alexander sites that are good sources of movie info. Techcomforces has every Alexander TV commercial and video interview you would ever want, its a great site, plus the Val Kilmer site is a good resource too. Plenty of pics/screen caps at both sites. :)

Official Site

Fan sites

Marcus T
21st Nov 2004, 16:37
Epic films are certainly high on the list this year with titles such as Troy, King Arthur, and Alexander.

21st Nov 2004, 16:43
There is also Achilles but I haven't heard anything recent about that.

Marcus T
21st Nov 2004, 16:47
You may be refering to Troy. My guess is it might've gone under the working title "Achilles", the main character is - Achilles.

21st Nov 2004, 17:06
you're right... techcomforces had it listed as Achilles 2004. :o