View Full Version : I see no Dragoons !!!

20th Nov 2004, 07:49
How come I haven't seen Dragoons amongst the units of either Britain or France ?

Also .... is that all we get as far as ships ? There will be 3 models and that's it ? How about a Heavy Frigate, the 100+ gun ships ? No unique ships ? No variations between 60-gun ancient ships and the new 74-gun ships ?

Also, when can we expect other nations' descriptions and units ?

21st Nov 2004, 22:15
nevermind, I guess the Dragoons for Britain and France are the specialty units - Household Cavalry and Grenadier a Cheval.

16th Dec 2004, 20:29
They need such ships as the small Scooners and Gunships, I say add the building opertunity for hero ships like for England, when you have a sertan Docks built on the Tec Tree then you can build HMS Victory, are line ships Battleships, what about merchant ships and Transport, Brigs?