View Full Version : Sunken Citadel - I can't get in! (possible spoilers)

19th Nov 2004, 23:55
I've just come from the Widow Moira's house, and now I wanted to do the Sunken Citadel mission. Only thing is... I can't get in!

Right after entering the docks, I turned right and went down a ladder. After following the tunnel, I came to a door with a blank plate on it, and a glowing glyph on the top. I can't activiate the glyph, and I can't find a way to get inside. One of my objectives (find a clue in the keeper library about the dark age) isn't checked.

So..... any tips? I'm getting really discouraged here.

20th Nov 2004, 00:34
You can't bypass sections of your GOALS. The notes can be handled in any order you want.

But if you still have an objective (GOAL) not checked you need to finish that before you can continue on some missions.

Find the "Clue" then come back and try again.

If you are arbitrarily trying to do things you heard or read, it don't work that way. The "missions" are setup to be done only after you do some other thing first.

So, if you are following hints and tips from a walkthrough, conversation with friends or something you read. FORGET IT ALL AND PLAY OUT THE GAME AS IT COMES. The missions will be given you at the proper time, with the proper information and completion of GOALS that have been set.

20th Nov 2004, 00:43
I honestly don't know what I've missed. It has to be somewhere in the Keeper Library, and I'm SURE I've been everywhere, including the Forbidden Library. Any tips on what scene or note I have to read? Because I'm relatively sure I've seen everything in there... and something just remained unchecked.

20th Nov 2004, 00:53
Answers already posted in other threads:

"Most commonly missed book is at the top of the elevator to the South East sitting on a podium at the far end of the ring-like catwalk. The other one should be in the large round room with the exit to the city sitting on a podium along the outer, raised ring that runs around the outside of the room.

Found that me and another person were always missing the book on the second floor in the regular library

go in the keeper library,on the second floor there are two rooms with railings and balconies in the middle, in one of these rooms there is an open book about hte dark ages on the far end"
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