View Full Version : After The Cradle

19th Nov 2004, 01:44
I did the cradle bit, followed the girl to the place where tha hag buried her, and now have to make my way back to the library,

keepers are killing city watch - citizens - and the watch are killing citizens and each other, I killed nobody - but they are all looking for me, I am standing by 7 dead bodies and a chap says "Iknow what you did - we need help here"

is this a bug in my game - should I re-install or what ?


19th Nov 2004, 01:55
No. HIDE HIDE HIDE. The watch and others have seen your face on wanted posters and if you are near the chaos, will attack you.

So stay out of sight. "Runaway! Runaway!"

Tin Star
20th Nov 2004, 02:46
Garrett gets blamed for everything that happens even if he didn't do it,so the best thing to do is lay low and try to avoid everyone that you don't have to deal with.

Tin Star