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19th Nov 2004, 01:38
I am in the Keeper Library near the end of the game and have to get into Orland's door which is locked. The problem is I cannot pick the lock. I have completed all objectives and have the latest patch installed. Broke down and read a walkthrough and it is confirms I have to pick this lock to be able to continue to the next mission. Any ideas would be appreciated.......thanks...

19th Nov 2004, 01:54
Use your mouse.
Walk up to the door.
Highlight the door.
Right Click.
When you see the lock symbol, roll the mouse to put the picklock FLAT against the symbol.

Now slowly use the mouse to move the pick around the symbol. When you hear a click, and see the tumbler wiggle. Press the left mouse button.

The tumbler should snap to the right into the open position.

Or use W-D-A-S to move the pick to up/down/right/left.

Some of the more complicated locks use combinations of these as in WD-WA-SD-SA and others are just a hair off of these positions.

So check (clock face) 12-3-6-9-11-2-5-7 positions.

19th Nov 2004, 15:18
Thanks for the help..................got it..............