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19th Nov 2004, 01:07
Okay i've got all this "special loot" and it's totaling about 2k gps and I was wondering, where can you sell it?

19th Nov 2004, 01:22
Depends on what mission, what items, and where you are.

Artworks sell in the docks at Dollies.

Special jewels (Bloodstone ruby) sell in the Stonemarket Proper area.

Other items sell at the different places.

When you visit the fences, items that they can buy are gold, items that need to be sold elsewhere are browned out.

So you take them to the next fence when you get the chance.

For future reference, state where you are, what you did (or are doing) and what your SPECIFIC problem is.

A blank open question such as you just asked, makes little or no sense when the game has over 30 such items for you to get.

There are also special items such as the jeweled dagger that need to be PLACED at a particular spot, and when you return you will find a purse of coins for payment.

These will not show up on your LOOT LIST. But in the ESC menu under ITEMS they will be listed.

19th Nov 2004, 01:23
Ok, thanks!